Cryo-electron tomography: structural biology on a proteomic scale

The interior of cells can be mysterious. Join other scientists as they access the inner workings of cells in 3D and at unprecedented nanoscale resolution using cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET). Here at Thermo Fisher Scientific we are continuing to innovate to increased automation for focused ion beam milling of cell and tissues samples, providing higher throughput data and ease-of-use for tomography data acquisition, as well as faster and more advanced imaging processing workflows. 

Molecular architecture revealed

Cryo-electron tomography overview

How does cryo-electron tomography work?

Discover cryo-electron tomography which delivers both structural informational about individual proteins as well as their spatial arrangement within the cell.

Cryo-electron tomography of cells

Cryo-ET explores the ultrastructure of cells in nanometer resolution. See the data that has been obtained using this technique. 

Cryo-electron tomography webinar library

Watch our latest webinars with leading scientists using cryo-ET to advance their research. 

Cryo-electron tomography eBook

Explore how cryo-ET is making scientific advances in various fields like cell biology, neuroscience, microbiology, and virology with this curated collection.

Cryo-ET sample preparation and data analysis support

We offer integrated solutions to support you from sample preparation to data analysis.

Cryo-ET lab support and training

Whether you are integrating a new cryo-FIB to your cryo-TEM or implementing an entire workflow, our team of experts will set you up for success.