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Watch and join in live virtual webinars or watch on-demand to receive firsthand knowledge of the latest technologies and scientific breakthroughs using electron microscopy. 

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Read the latest issue of Structure of Life and find stories highlighting technological innovations and meaningful research enabled by electron microscopy. 

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Cryo-EM University

Featuring over 70 hours of theoretical lectures and demonstration videos to get you started in cryo-EM. Learn the fundamental knowledge of cryo-EM, including tips and tricks to overcome sample preparation challenges and valuable practical advice on the cryo-EM workflows. 

Electron microscopy resource library

Discover application notes, white papers on best practices, technical ebooks, articles, and more on how to get the most out of electron microscopy for life science research. 

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Get to know some members of our scientific community and their latest work.

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Watch these interviews to learn how our customers and products are impacting the latest life science research.

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Explore the many careers that use cryo-EM and discover the supporting community resources.

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Funding resources for electron microscopy

Access technical content, Thermo Fisher Scientific Financial Services, and proposal writing tools to help with your funding needs. 

Getting started in cryo-EM eBook

Cryo-EM can determine structures of challenging proteins without the need for crystals and can provide insights into how these proteins function in a way that other methods simply cannot. Learn more about adopting cryo-EM and how it can advance your research.

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