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Cryo-electron microscopy advances

Cryo-electron microscopy continues to revolutionize structural biology and help researchers unlock the answers to the greatest biological mysteries. In our new Cryo-Talk Podcast Series, we sit down with luminaries in the field of electron microscopy and discover what drives them, their research, and what they’re passionate about in life.

Episode 1 – Dr. Joachim Frank discusses his research using Cryo-EM

2017 Nobel prize winner Dr. Joachim Frank discusses his research, how he uses peripheral vision to find unexpected opportunities, and his favorite tv shows.

Getting To Know You series

Tune in to our Getting To Know You Podcast Series to hear more about the latest insights, accomplishments, and discoveries from your peers.

Dr. Bridget Carragher – Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You podcast with Dr. Bridget Carragher.

Dr. Sudha Chakrapani – Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You Podcast with Dr. Sudha Chakrapani, University of Buffalo. TEM podcast video with Q&A.

Dr. Craig K. Yoshioka – Getting to Know You

Join us for our podcast series where we get to know our users. Today we have Dr. Craig K. Yoshioka from The Scripps Research Institute.

Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire – Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You Podcast with Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire.

Dr. Joachim Frank – Getting to Know You

Nobel laureate Dr. Joachim Frank discusses his role in the development of what is now known as cryo-EM, his thoughts on the future of the method, as well as personal interests—including writing fiction, short stories and photography.

Customer Insights | Purdue’s CryoVR Training Project

In 2018, the Purdue cryo-EM facility was awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop virtual reality training tools for cryo-EM. Listen to this podcast featuring Dr. Wen Jiang and Dr. Yingjie Victor Chen of Purdue University to learn about the innovative CryoVR system designed to familiarize new users with cryo-EM equipment in a safe, low-risk environment.

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