A complete solution for high-resolution structure determination

The Thermo Scientific Glacios 2 Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscope (cryo-TEM) is a 200 kV microscope that allows you to easily collect near atomic data from a broad range of biological targets. Compared to the previous generation, the Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM delivers higher throughput and makes cryo-EM more accessible. It features an integrated Thermo Scientific Falcon 4i Direct Electron Detector, Thermo Scientific EPU Software, and a new full enclosure, which combine to enhance image quality, automate data acquisition, and simplify your work. The Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM is ideally suited for single-particle analysis, cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET), and micro-electron diffraction (MicroED) applications.

High-resolution, high-throughput cryo-TEM

The combination of the Falcon 4i Direct Electron Detector, the new enclosure, and Smart EPU Software work together to guide the microscope and user to get the best possible results.

Flexible platform ideal for multiple Cryo-TEM applications

The Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM is a powerful tool applicable for single particle, MicroED and cryo-ET applications that can help answer some of the most challenging research and drug discovery questions.

Protein structure determination with cryo-EM

Hear from scientists who are using the Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM in their research and take a closer look with our on-demand product tour.

Advanced cryo-EM hardware and software

The Glacios 2 Cryo-TEM comes equipped with AI-enabled software and state-of-the-art hardware, making it easier to obtain near atomic-resolution structures. 

Service and support for cryo-TEM instruments

To ensure optimal system performance, we provide you access to a world-class network of field service experts, technical support, and workflow validation.

Electron microscopy resource center

Uncover a vast wealth of information in the EM Resource Center, including upcoming webinars, application notes, eBooks, and other resources that will help you accelerate your next discovery using cryo-EM.