Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the Spectra 300 S/TEM – the highest-resolution, aberration-corrected, scanning transmission electron microscope for all materials science applications.

Register below to watch our recorded webinar and learn more about the Spectra 300 S/TEM; with its wide-gap pole piece and an accelerating voltage range of 30–300 kV, it serves as the tool of choice for the widest range of materials investigations.

Who should attend?

  • Materials scientists who need atomic-level characterization data on the widest variety of specimens
  • Researchers needing to analyze beam-sensitive materials or materials with low contrast
  • Researchers needing repeatable atomic-resolution imaging and analytics

Why should you attend?

  • Learn how the combination of high-throughput and sensitivity with uncompromised resolution in imaging and spectroscopy of the Spectra S/TEM enables researchers to acquire the highest quality data for all materials science applications
  • Discover how advanced access to automation enables users with different levels of experience to achieve the highest quality results
  • See how the Spectra S/TEM enables the widest variety of atomic-level materials characterization by combining the best resolution with the highest sensitivity and unique detection capabilities, as well as strategies that minimize damage to sensitive samples

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