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 Mutation / Variant Analysis
 Mutation / Variant Screening
 BAC Sequencing
 Clone Verification
 De Novo Sequencing
 Fosmid or Cosmid Sequencing
 Mutation / Variant Discovery
 Structural Variation (CNV, translocations, indel)

Please indicate which techniques you are performing (check all that apply):

 Exome Sequencing
 Fragment Sequencing
 Genome Sequencing
 Mate-Paired Sequencing
 Paired-End Sequencing
 Small Genome Sequencing
 Small Genome Sequencing - 16s metagenomics
 Small Genome Sequencing - de novo
 Small Genome Sequencing - microbial ID
 Target Enrichment
 Targeted DNA Sequencing - Gene or regions of interest
 Targeted DNA Sequencing - HLA Research
 Targeted DNA Sequencing - Mitochondrial
 Targeted RNA Sequencing
 Transcriptome Sequencing

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