Submit your grant application to the Cancer Research Foundation

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Cancer Research Foundation. This foundation will feature three research area products or bundles, and to apply you will need to submit a short grant application to gain access to these tools for your institute. You can apply to only one of the research area bundles.*

When you submit your grant application, please focus on the following three areas:

  • Your need for the product and/or the problem it will solve relating to cancer research
  • Innovative use of the product
  • Overall impact of the product for your team at large

Please fill out the form below to select and apply for your chosen grant. We will get back to you within three weeks of the end of the submission period.

(This grant runs from July 1st, 2022 to Oct 31st, 2022).

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Job Role

 Principal Investigator
 Post-doctoral fellow
 Scientist / Associate Scientist
 Student / Graduate Student
 Research Assistant / Lab Technician
 Lab Manager
 Purchaser / Procurer
 Cell Imaging
 Sample Isolation
 Access to technologies
 Internet search
 I warrant that I am not a healthcare professional and that I am not prohibited by employment, contract, law, regulation, or any applicable professional code of conduct from accepting a gift from Life Technologies.

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