The complex structures of biopharmaceutical therapeutic agents require greater selectivity and sensitivity, which drives the demand for powerful instrumentation and software for their data acquisition and analysis. Previously this required two software packages, one in Development and one in Quality Control (QC). Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3.2 Chromatography Data System (CDS) comfortably operates in both areas and supports Mass Spectrometry (MS) instruments in a compliant enterprise environment, providing a seamless transition from Development to QC within a single software.

What are users saying?
"We use Chromeleon daily in my labs. Chromeleon report templates enable us to keep all the raw data, data manipulation, and lot recording in one file so submitting to our lab notebook software is super easy. All experiment details are in one place."

- Research Lab Manager, Genentech


Support for biopharmaceutical workflows

Support for biopharmaceutical workflows

Chromeleon CDS provides native control of MS and MS/MS instruments (for GC, HPLC, and IC front ends) with workflow support for targeted and non-targeted analysis, including lot release testing of intact and digested proteins, oligonucleotides analysis, and LC-MS/MS-based pharmaceutical bioanalysis.

  • Control for over 35 Thermo Scientific MS instruments including single and triple quadrupole and Orbitrap high resolution accurate mass (HRAM)
  • Workflow support including bioanalysis, multi-attribute method (MAM), intact protein deconvolution, oligonucleotides analysis, dioxin and PCB analysis, and SVOCs
  • Built-in report templates and views specific to the needs of conducting MAM, oligonucleotides analysis and bioanalysis experiments
  • Bi-directional connections for Thermo Scientific SampleManager and Watson LIMS Software for complete end-to-end support

Learn more about Chromeleon CDS features for mass spectrometry

Built for compliance: Leverage compliance tools for your MS

  • Chromeleon CDS is the recommended software to control Thermo Scientific MS instruments for compliant analysis. Compliant tuning for Thermo Scientific ISQ, TSQ and Exploris series MS instruments
  • Achieve compliance with a full suite of features to ensure adherence to regulations, data integrity guidelines, and electronic record requirements
  • Maintain compliance with user controls and comprehensive audit trails to track and version all actions
  • Demonstrate compliance with easy, regular audit trail reviews
    • Audit trail events and queries quickly and clearly present the info needed
    • Versioning shows how changes have affected results
Built for QC: Up to 33% increased efficiency for routine MS analyses

Built for QC: Up to 33% increased efficiency for routine MS analyses

Feel confident with fewer failed runs and out-of-specification results through:

  • Built-in troubleshooting and diagnostics for specific Thermo Scientific HPLC and UHPLC systems to minimize downtime
  • Pre-run sequence ready checks and runtime evaluation of System Suitability Tests (SSTs) with Intelligent Run Control for results-based reactions, deliver more "right-first-time" analyses
  • Enhanced universal eWorkflow procedures streamline and control sequence creation to simplify adherence to SOPs
  • Spreadsheet-based report templates to calculate the results inside the CDS
Built for MAM: Straight through to breakthrough

Built for MAM: Straight through to breakthrough

Chromeleon CDS is an integral part of the Thermo Scientific MAM 2.0 workflow. This powerful, high-resolution MS-based workflow delivers easy, compliance-ready characterization and monitoring of peptides and allows critical quality attributes to be monitored throughout every stage of the drug development process. The workflow leverages comprehensive compliance capabilities from data acquisition, to quality attribute quantitation, new peak detection, and customizable spreadsheet-based reporting.

End-to-end MAM Solution to move Biopharma forward

Discover the compliance-ready, enterprise MAM workflow that connects development and manufacturing.

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