A Chromatography Data System (CDS) must provide an easy way to adhere to GxP regulations, policies and procedures without sacrificing the user experience. Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3.2 Chromatography Data System provides regulated laboratories with a complete solution to maintain data integrity and meet 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature requirements with confidence throughout the data lifecycle with features that make building and maintaining the system intuitive to users, less stressful for reviewers, and intrinsic for software owners.

Learn how Chromeleon CDS gives you the tools to manage and maintain records with granular access control, automated file management, an expandable architecture with built-in qualification tools, and a refined data integrity framework. All to help enhance productivity with the highest quality of your GxP results. 

What are users saying?
"Chromeleon CDS allows us to audit trail everything that we need to, making it easier when we are audited. The user management system and centralized resourcing means that data access and backup is easily managed, ensuring data integrity."

- QC Specialist, Broughton Laboratories

  • Product support to build your system to meet your compliance requirements.
  • Security for your data with Automatic Network Failure Protection (NFP) and XVault.
  • Control for your users with >180 granular privilege capabilities.
  • Organization for your files in a customizable file tree with task scheduler and configurable rule management. 
  • Efficiency gains for your review cycle from centralized audit trails with configurable highlighting, reporting capabilities, and even exporting.
Compliance without compromise

Qualifying as part of validation

Establishing and maintaining a validated state can be a resource heavy task.  Chromeleon CDS can help those efforts through a combination of built-in tools and additional services to get you started or take your system to the next level.

  • Built-in qualification tools on software installation to get you started on your validation journey.
  • Validation services provide expert guidance to ensure fast, compliant implementation.
  • Standard IQ/OQ/PQ for control stations and instruments allow you to thoughtfully expand and maintain your system
  • Supercharge Chromeleon CDS with the Ardia Platform for centralized file management across the connected software environment and encourage seamless transfer of information across departments.
Ensuring data integrity

Ensuring data security

Security is more than user password complexity. Ensure data integrity throughout the data lifecycle with administrative tools designed to provide full traceability.

  • Deliver continuous operation and data security with Automatic Network Failure Protection.
  • Control system and data access with rulesets, privileges, roles, groups and individual user accounts.
  • Ensure data quality with automated raw file verification.
Centralized administration

Simplifying data management

File management should be stress-free. Chromeleon CDS features an intuitive file management tree coupled with scheduler-enabled archival tools and flexible-file-type exporting capabilities.

  • Automate data organization by combining powerful injection queries with the Scheduler.
  • Seamlessly transfer data between systems such as Thermo Scientific Watson or SampleManager LIMS.
  • Manage backup and archival schedules to double-down on frustration-free file management.
Simplify your laboratory information systems and data management

Facilitating data review

Data review is often a very time-consuming activity. Chromeleon CDS offers complete ALCOA+ traceability with tools to supplement and support best-practice data review workflows.

  • Review-by-exception is supported by highlighting high-risk changes with comparison tools and configuring comments to capture why actions were performed.
  • Streamline audit trail review with highlighting, filtering, and reporting tools at the system, instrument, and/or sequence level.
  • Control for your users with >180 granular privilege capabilities.
  • Meet electronic signature requirements with an up-to 3-stage sequence-level process with the ability for pre-run sequence approval.
ICH guideline update: Method lifecycle

The International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) has updated its guidelines Q2 and added Q14 to cover method lifecycle from development to validation with the emphasis for analytical scientists to focus on incorporating a quality mindset through method lifecycle.

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