System administration for a scientific software juggles the gap between laboratory operation and IT standardization, often with complex responsibilities such as ensuring business continuity, maintaining multiple software packages, and managing a rapidly evolving software environment. Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3.2 Chromatography Data System (CDS) is designed to help lower IT infrastructure costs and minimize upkeep efforts. It provides unlimited scalability, enabling protocol standardization even in GxP regulated environments, performance optimization for WAN environments, and a complete set of capabilities for unattended, centralized deployment and updating.

What are users saying?
"Chromeleon is critical in helping us manage instruments and process data from instruments across multiple locations in North America. We've been able to use Chromeleon to help automate some of our analytical routines, saving on time and helping maintain our sample throughput, even with a lower headcount."

- Director of Laboratories, NCS Multistage

Benefits of Chromeleon 7.3.1 CDS for IT
  • Cost-effective for faster ROI by standardizing your system to reduce costs with no compromise
  • Seamless scalability from workstation to global enterprise for central deployment and maintenance
  • Management of your CDS with on-premise, virtual, or cloud data centers
  • Efficient, long-term stability using industry-leading data security
  • Built-in business continuity in case of network or central resources being unavailable
  • Enhanced integration with Thermo Scientific Watson LIMS and SampleManager LIMS, SDMS, and LES
Cost-effective deployment, ownership and maintenance

Cost-effective deployment, ownership and maintenance

When selecting a CDS, financial impact is always a first consideration. Chromeleon CDS can ease this impact with:

  • Enabling standardization – reducing costs and learning time with no compromise to the lab, with the use of one CDS
  • The ability to use one existing infrastructure connected via Regions through an intelligent discovery service
  • Fully tested and documented support for cloud deployment
  • Fast and secure transfer or large data files between Data Vaults, boosting the laboratory productivity levels
  •  Thermo Scientific 247 Instrument Controller providing secure, reliable instrument connectivity, eliminating the need for antivirus or operating system-driven updates and dramatically reducing maintenance costs
  • Central management and automated updates, reducing time spent on performing these tasks and minimizing downtime in the laboratory
Security and scalability

Security and scalability

As your business is never static, your CDS needs to change accordingly. This not only means being able to grow and manage increased demand but also being able to adapt to the changing requirements of the business and users. Chromeleon CDS offers:

  • Seamless scalability from single workstation to global enterprise deployment, that can grow beyond 1000+ of connected users/instruments/workstations without affecting performance and network stability
  • The ability to adapt to every infrastructure such as on premise, virtual, or cloud installations, and providing each with full compliance
  • Secure storage of all results in a central relational Database (Oracle™ or Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Chromeleon Data Vault and Domain architecture enables additional storage and redundancy as the number of users and/or uptime grows
  • Efficient, long-term stability for built-in business continuity with industry-leading data security and integrity tools
Support and maintenance agreement

Support and maintenance agreement

  • Quick access to software updates with regular maintenance updates for Long Term Stability (LTS) versions
  • Product upgrades delivering the latest capabilities with minimal validation
  • Dedicated technical support to resolve business-critical issues for fast issue resolution
  • Exclusive 24/7 access to online eService portal for timely resolution of routine issues. You can raise a ticket to contact a support professional or connect with industry peers to share experiences.
Business continuity built-in

Business continuity built-in

Ensuring business continuity and preventing data loss or corruption during a network outage (e.g. server failure or network loss) is key to maintaining laboratory operations, data integrity, and compliance. Chromeleon CDS provides unique, industry-leading Network Failure Protection (NFP) functionality to deliver 24/7 uptime in two key ways:

  • NFP mode is automatically enabled if a network failure occurs. Network-based resources required to operate the software are cached locally allowing the laboratory to continue operations with the data stored on the local computer.
  • A 7-day recovery period is automatically enabled, allowing time for the issue to be resolved or for a longer-term solution to be implemented

The unique XVault technology of Chromeleon Software ensures continuous operation and data security.

  • During data acquisition, sequences are always run in the XVault, present on each local instrument controller, and the acquired data is synchronized centrally
  • In NFP mode, the data interrupted during acquisition can be accessed via the XVault for processing, and reporting, and new sequences can be started – all in accordance with compliance and data integrity guidelines
  • After network recovery, the interrupted data (including full audit trails) is automatically uploaded and synchronized to the central server
Ardia Platform
Chromeleon CDS 'Ardia Ready'

Super-charge Chromeleon CDS with the Thermo Scientific Ardia Platform for enhanced lab management tools and Ardia Server-side processing for even faster MS/MS data handling speeds. Built to evolve with your needs, the Ardia Platform is a scalable software solution that connects and organizes projects, people, and instruments with web-based access, secure centralized data storage, enabling efficient collaboration and faster insights.

Learn more about Ardia Platform ›

Read the IT white paper ›

On-demand webinar

Update your CDS pain-free for long-term success

In this webinar you will discover a pain-free approach to updating your CDS and how to access new tools to enable workflow optimization. Don’t let outdated software hold your lab back! 

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On-demand webinar series

Built for IT Without Compromise

As a system administrator, you prepare for fast recovery when faced with disaster, while changing regulatory landscapes require systems that track and record all actions with a strong emphasis on transparency and visibility.

In this series, we discuss how your choice of CDS can enable seamless remote access, help you achieve, maintain and demonstrate compliance and provide IT solutions designed to safeguard your data.

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On-demand webinar

7.3.2 CDS Software: Best Performance, Stability and Usability

In this webinar, you will learn how the latest Chromeleon software upgrade strengthens your IT network operations, makes system maintenance easier and offers even greater data security.  

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Expand your business operations with Chromeleon CDS

Learn how Chromeleon CDS is built for large networks and can seamlessly expand to a multi-site environment while maintaining high performance levels.

Ensure Business Continuity with Chromeleon CDS

Chromeleon 7.3 software is built for IT, delivering a solution that minimizes and protects against system outages and malicious attacks, ensuring uninterrupted access to data and instruments.

Chromeleon CDS – Built for IT

Learn how Chromeleon CDS helps to centralize IT administration tasks, reliably connect instruments and ensure business continuity with the 247 Instrument Controller.




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