In today’s highly interconnected world, CDS software needs to reflect the analytical industry’s diversity and offer the greatest possible flexibility for its users. Therefore we've established a Business Partner Program tailored towards satisfying additional customer needs and enabling the development of customer or product specific add-ins.

In collaboration with industry leading companies, Thermo Fisher and our partners help ensure that Chromeleon CDS keeps up with the pace of the modern laboratory environment.

Weighing Scale Connect

Watch this video to learn how, using a plugin, Chromeleon CDS and Sartorius Cubis® MSA premium analytical balances can be fully integrated enabling a connected, paperless and compliant weighing workflow.


ACD/LabsACD/Labs enabled support for Chromeleon CDS data within the Spectrus platform, which helps manage unified analytical data from multiple techniques and instruments, and combines it with chemical and structural information, in a vendor-agnostic homogeneous environment.Learn more 
Agilent Technologies, Inc.Thermo Fisher Scientific and Agilent Technologies collaborate closely to cross-support instruments – Agilent HPLC and GC systems in Chromeleon CDS, and Thermo Scientific LC, GC, and IC systems in OpenLab CDS.Learn more 
Bruker CorporationBruker Corporation develops HyStar MS software, which can be used in conjunction with Chromeleon CDS software.Learn more 
ChromSwordChromSword developed innovative software products to support method development in liquid chromatography for 20 years.Learn more 
KNAUER Wissenschaftliche Geräte GmbHKnauer developed Chromeleon drivers for their HPLC instruments.Learn more 
Markes InternationalMarkes International partnered with Thermo Fisher to develop drivers for the Markes TD100-xr, UNITY-xr, AirServer-xr and Kori-xr instruments.Learn more 
PSSPSS has developed direct import of Chromeleon 7 CDS data into WinGPC, their fully compliant GPC/SEC software. All WinGPC evaluation options (except automatic evaluation during real-time data acquisition) are fully functional including the Heparin module.Learn more 
QplianceQpliance is Thermo Fisher's partner for all GxP related topics and Chromeleon CDS training. They offer workshops, seminars, training and support for software in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, they can create documentation for computerized systems validation (CSV).Learn more 
SartoriusSartorius has developed a special Q-App-Dosing software interface for Chromeleon 7 CDS and the Sartorius Cubis MSA analytical premium balances. The interface enables seamless integration of standard preparation and sample weighing workflows into Chromeleon CDS delivering a connected, paperless and compliant weighing workflow.Learn more 
Shimadzu CorporationShimadzu Corporation and Thermo Fisher collaborate closely to cross-support Shimadzu LC and GC systems in Chromeleon CDS and Thermo Scientific LC and GC systems in LabSolutions CDS.Learn more 
S-Matrix CorporationS-Matrix developed their Fusion QbD software to support fully automated QbD experimentation with Chromeleon CDS.Learn more 
Weighing Scale ConnectPlug in for Sartorius Cubis balances enabling a connected, paperless and compliant weighing workflowSartorius and Thermo Fisher Scientific
SAP connectionConnect Chromeleon CDS to SAPThermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Scientific OMNIC Series software connectionConnect Chromeleon CDS to OMNIC Series softwareThermo Fisher Scientific
WinGPC Chromeleon Data import functionalitySupport for Chromeleon CDS data in GPC packagePSS
HiChrometImport a chromatogram automatically, compare peaks and determine which integration is the best for each peakBeyontics
Learn more 
Injection Screening ToolSearch through a DataVault for injections that are completedBeyontics
Learn more 
GC CompareCompare peaks of two samples and generate a report based on the differences.Beyontics
Learn more 
Sequence LooperRun a sequence indefinitely, create new sequences, and new folders after several days.Beyontics
Learn more 
Spectrus platform connectionChromeleon CDS data can be used within the Spectrus platformACDLabs

Our partners can use the following kits to tailor Chromeleon CDS software for our mutual customers’ laboratories:

  • Chromeleon Driver Development Kit (DDK)
    The DDK is available to partner companies for developing third-party instrument control drivers for Chromeleon CDS.

  • Chromeleon Software Development Kit (SDK)
    Based on the Microsoft.NET Framework, the Chromeleon SDK includes extensive online documentation and C# sample code demonstrating many common tasks. The SDK can be used by software developers to add various functionalities to Chromeleon CDS:
    • Develop even more flexibility and custom solutions
    • Directly interface Chromeleon CDS with other software products or extend the user interface
    • Create standalone applications that directly interface your instruments, data, and results
    • Automatically transfer information between Chromeleon CDS and another application
    • Integrate plug-ins that extend the built-in functionality of Chromeleon CDS

The SDK has comprehensive functionality that enables third party applications to:

  • Hide or replace the standard user interface
  • Run samples and manage instrument queues
  • Access data and results
  • Automatically transfer information between Chromeleon CDS and another application
  • Provide specialized post-acquisition analysis

Based on the Microsoft.NET Framework, the Chromeleon SDK includes extensive online documentation and C# sample code demonstrating many common tasks.

A selection of Chromeleon CDS add-ons that have been developed with the SDK can be found in the partner products table above.

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