In today’s highly interconnected world, CDS software needs to reflect the analytical industry’s diversity and offer the greatest possible flexibility for its users. Therefore we've established a Business Partner Program tailored towards satisfying additional customer needs and enabling the development of customer or product specific add-ins.

In collaboration with industry leading companies, Thermo Fisher and our partners help ensure that Chromeleon CDS keeps up with the pace of the modern laboratory environment.

Brochure: Chromeleon CDS for connectivity and collaboration

Brochure: Chromeleon CDS for connectivity and collaboration

Discover how Thermo Fisher collaborates with many different hardware and software vendors, using either the Chromeleon Software Development Kit (SDK) or Driver Development Kit (DDK), to deliver added value to their products and connect them to the global Chromeleon CDS user community.

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Our partners can use the following kits to tailor Chromeleon CDS for our mutual customers’ laboratories:

  • Chromeleon Driver Development Kit (DDK)
    The Chromeleon DDK is available to partner companies for developing third-party instrument control drivers for Chromeleon CDS. With the DDK, developers and instrument vendors can easily implement instrument drivers, including configuration and method editor plugins. All DDK drivers are certified by Thermo Fisher and are included in the List of Supported Instruments (LoSI), distributed with each release of Chromeleon software. The DDK offers:
    • Freedom of choice; select the best instruments for your application 
    • Optimized data integrity through seamless integration between systems
    • Facilitates complex automated workflows between multiple instrument solutions
  • Chromeleon Software Development Kit (SDK)
    The Chromeleon SDK provides the ability to interface with other software applications, delivering connected workflows that enhance data integrity and ease of use. Based on the Microsoft.NET Framework, the SDK includes extensive online documentation and C# sample code demonstrating many common tasks. It can be used by software developers to add various functionalities to Chromeleon CDS:
    • Develop even more flexibility and custom solutions
    • Directly interface with other software products or extend the user interface
    • Create standalone applications that directly interface your instruments, data, and results
    • Automatically transfer information between Chromeleon CDS and another application
    • Integrate plug-ins that extend the built-in functionality of Chromeleon software

The SDK has comprehensive functionality that enables third party applications to:

  • Hide or replace the standard user interface
  • Run samples and manage instrument queues
  • Access data and results
  • Automatically transfer information between Chromeleon CDS and another application
  • Provide specialized post-acquisition analysis

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