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Whether you are looking to achieve the highest levels of compliance (including data integrity and data security), improve laboratory productivity and efficiency, or increase reliability and data quality, Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) supports your chromatography operation throughout your enterprise. From research to routine quality testing, Chromeleon software connects people, instruments and other laboratory software, while delivering proven productivity gains for faster return on investment (ROI)

Learn how Chromeleon CDS can deliver compliance, connectivity, productivity and confidence to your laboratory.

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No Regulation Too New, No Network Too Large

From workstation to global deployment - track everything and boost productivity with Chromeleon CDS.

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Data Integrity: Audit Trails with Ease of Review

Audit Trails are an important regulatory requirement. It is incumbent on regulated companies to evaluate audit trail controls and establish a documented process for audit trail review.

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Video Demonstration Series

Discover how you can boost your overall lab productivity through our video demonstration series with over 70 short tutorials giving you tips and tricks on how to utilize the smart tools in Chromeleon CDS.

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CDS in the Cloud?

Laboratories are increasingly looking to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. Cloud computing represents a cost effective option for companies to implement enterprise laboratory solutions.

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Fondazione Edmund Mach

Read the recent interview we had with Tiziana Nardin, Food Technologist about how they use Chromeleon CDS and the benefits they see to having one software for their LC-MS system.

Customer video

See how Broughton Laboratories uses Chromeleon CDS to ensure high-quality results.

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Enterprise CDS Software

Enterprise CDS Software

From workstation to global deployment, Chromeleon CDS scales to any business – from research through development to QC – delivering proven productivity gains and easy tracking and defense of your data. One cloud-ready CDS that does it all.

Compliance and Data Security

Compliance and Data Security

Chromeleon software simplifies meeting the latest demanding regulations. With sequence-level data organization and audit trails tracking all actions in the software – including CDS-related external events – you can defend your data with utmost confidence.

Productivity and Efficiency

Productivity and Efficiency

You know Chromeleon CDS can improve productivity in small and mid-sized labs. But did you know that it can create those same returns at scale, optimized for global deployments? Learn how Chromeleon software can deliver unsurpassed productivity gains in all networks.

Mass Spectrometry Software

Mass Spectrometry Software

The first CDS to unify workflows for chromatography and routine quantitative MS analysis in an enterprise environment, Chromeleon software provides full integration of Thermo Scientific GC-MS(/MS), LC-MS(/MS) and IC-MS instruments.

Chromatography CDS Header

Chromatography Software

Industry-leading multi-vendor control, advanced software features and the latest applications for chromatography (LC, IC and GC) instruments and workflows.

CDS Business Partners

Business Partners and Products

CDS software needs to reflect the analytical industry’s diversity and offer the greatest possible flexibility for its users. Together with our partners, we ensure that Chromeleon CDS keeps up with the pace of the modern laboratory environment.

Chromeleon CDS Release Information

Chromeleon CDS Release Information

To meet the wide range of requirements from our customers we employ a release strategy that offers a selection of deployment models, allowing you to choose the best option to meet your needs.


Application Note Finder

AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications is a fully searchable analytical methods repository for LC, GC, IC applications. Download application notes, instrument and quantitation methods, as well as full eWorkflows with a few simple clicks. The fast way to get productive for novices and experts.