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One CDS for your chromatography instruments

Chromeleon software is the only CDS providing full control of chromatography instrumentation from Thermo Fisher Scientific and many other vendors, including support for quantitative mass spectrometry workflows for all separation techniques and MS variants, all using the same intuitive user interface.

Chromeleon CDS is a vital tool for efficient and reliable handling of today’s chromatographic data and managing the entire analytical process.

Learn how Chromeleon CDS supports chromatography workflows for all separation techniques.

Designed for chromatography

Chromeleon software delivers full, bi-directional control of Liquid Chromatography (LC), Ion Chromatography (IC) and Gas Chromatography (GC) instruments. It provides superior control for Thermo Fisher GC, IC and LC instrumentation for all functions and, in total, offers comprehensive, reliable control for over 525 different instrument modules, including over 300 chromatography instruments from other LC and GC vendors.

All instruments are controlled using native drivers either provided directly by, or created in cooperation with, the original equipment manufacturer. See our Partners and Products page for more information.

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Chromeleon CDS - designed for chromatography instruments

Chromeleon CDS further supports chromatographers with an intuitive instrument interface, uniquely featuring customizable ePanels. This gives a consistent look and feel for the control of all instruments and sequences and allows easy monitoring of the instrument and run status, audit trail, and detector baselines.

Chromeleon CDS – Instruments, Intelligence, Insight

Chromeleon CDS – Instruments, Intelligence, Insight

Our chromatography instruments are intuitive and innovative. Chromeleon CDS is built on the same principles - delivering ease of use, comprehensive instrument control and simplifying your workflows

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Chromatography software features


Singota Solutions recently selected the Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC system and Chromeleon CDS to meet their regulated analytical and data integrity needs. Hear the value of working with a trusted partner and having cutting-edge UHPLC performance and speed in a routine, regulated pharmaceutical testing environment.

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Chromeleon CDS Third Party Instrument Control

Chromeleon CDS pioneered third party instrument control in the 90’s and has continued to be the market leader to a point where Chromeleon CDS is now synonymous with multi-vendor control and has made this a ‘must have’ feature of any CDS.

Case study

Case Study Chromeleon CDS

Chromeleon CDS provides significant time and cost savings for New Zealand pharmaceuticals manufacturer

“Chromeleon CDS offers the best support for third-party instruments. Competitors’ software provided only limited support for far fewer third-party instruments.”

Product spotlight

product spotlight chromeleon CDS

Intuitive Instrument Interface

Chromeleon CDS delivers rich, intelligent functionality with Operational Simplicity. See how the thoughtfully designed user interface and visual cues guide you naturally through your chromatography.

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Chromatography software topics

software for liquid chromatography

Software for liquid chromatography

Chromeleon CDS is the recommended software for control of Thermo Scientific’s revolutionary LC instruments as it offers unique, smart features that deliver maximum ease of use, reliability, and performance.

Ease of use

  • ePanels provide a clear visual of the module status with easy access to all controls.
  • Full control of all functionality and built in method wizards for advanced techniques (e.g. dual LC, tandem LC or LC-MS, and inverse gradient using the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Duo UHPLC system).


  • Increased uptime with predictive wellness and service monitoring with each module providing several counters to monitor the system performance.
  • SmartStartup initializes and equilibrates your instrument with the correct chromatographic conditions before the first injection begins.
  • SmartStandby automatically sets the system into a standby state by lowering the flow and reducing the temperature of the modules or turning off lamps if required.
  • SmartShutdown safely shuts the system down at the end of the day. It can switch off the lamps, pump, and temperature controlled devices, as well as define a solvent gradient before the flow is switched off helping to prevent common user errors.


  • With LPG pumps, the injection is automatically synchronized with the pump cycle to achieve higher retention time reproducibility when running gradients.
  • A UHPLC speed-up wizard enables easy method transfer from regular HPLC to UHPLC instruments.
  • Advanced programming (e.g. application switching, tandem or dual operation, inverse gradient creation, and fractionation) enables higher instrument utilization and automation.

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ICS-6000 system

Software for ion chromatography

Chromeleon software is the only CDS to offer complete control of all current and most legacy Thermo Scientific Dionex IC instruments, with unique, smart features that deliver maximum ease of use, productivity and reliability.

It offers intelligent instrument control with Smart Startup, Standby and Shutdown and advanced features such as Autodilution and re-injection of out-of-range samples. Read the literature below to learn more:

Chromeleon CDS also provides an easy-to-use interface for tracking IC consumable performance and usage via the Consumables Device Monitor. This automatically identifies and tracks the installation time, use, and performance metrics of your IC consumables.

Virtual Column Seperator Simulator

The Virtual Column Separation Simulator is built into the Chromeleon Console and provides fast, easy method development, method optimization and column selection for IC. This simulation tool will predict retention data and chromatograms for various anion, cation and carbohydrate applications.

GC Chromeleon CDS

Software for gas chromatography

Chromeleon CDS is the recommended software for control of Thermo Scientific’s current and legacy GC instruments providing advanced injection and sample preparation modes for increased productivity.

It fully supports the state-of-the-art Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300 GC Series including all instant-connect injectors and detectors which reduce downtime, simplify maintenance and enhance system performance. This example:  Using the Thermo Scientific TriPlus 500 Headspace Autosampler, coupled wth a dual-detector GC-FID/MS, and Chromeleon CDS software, for the determination of residual solvents in food packaging (according to the European Standard EN 13628-1 method):

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Chromatography software related products

AppsLab Library of analytical applications

AppsLab Library of analytical applications

Gain access to our applications expertise. The Thermo Scientific™ AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications is a web portal to our comprehensive online repository of chromatography and mass spectrometry (MS) methods and applications. Now you can easily search, filter, download and run these Thermo Scientific methods and applications.

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Chromeleon CDS Software Resources

Here’s a collection of resources to learn about the feature sets that make this software both powerful and easy to use.