Components of an HPLC system

A fully operational HPLC system combines hardware, software, and consumables, each essential in successful analysis. Here is a breakdown of each component and the function:

HPLC mobile phase

Every HPLC separation begins with the high-pressure flow of the mobile phase at a specified flow rate, which drives the sample from the injector through the column to the detector.

Capillaries and fittings

The capillaries and fittings complete an HPLC system by connecting the individual hardware components so the mobile phase and sample mixture flow continuously at high pressure.

Chromatography data system

A chromatography data system (CDS) is software that controls all the components of an HPLC system, including operation, mobile phase mixing, pump flow, sample injection, and column temperature.


An HPLC instrument has four basic parts which include a pump, autosampler, a column compartment and detector.

A functional HPLC or UHPLC system combines hardware, software, solvents, columns and other consumables.

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