Get better results while saving time and labor

Get better results while saving time and labor

The right sample preparation solution can save you time and solvent, reduce repetitive functions, and provide consistency and accuracy of results. You’ll find the right solution among our broad selection of sample preparation consumables. Our most recent innovations include the SMART Digest kits for fast, highly reproducible protein digestion and the next generation SOLA solid phase extraction fritless SPE range, which provides higher levels of reproducibility and robustness compared to conventional devices.  

Featured sample preparation consumable categories

Simple, robust, reproducible and fast digestion of proteins is now possible with our SMART Digest kits. Use for highly sensitive and fast analyses in high throughput workflows.

These pre-prepared dispersives allow you to achieve accurate pesticide determinations in food and other complex matrices.

This comprehensive range of SPE plates delivers a new level of extract purity and reproducibly. They remove uncertainty and improve the quality, time and cost of analysis.  

This broad range of SPE cartridges delivers a new level of extract purity and reproducibly. They remove uncertainty and improve the quality, time and cost of analysis.  

Remove interfering materials and fine particles from a wide range of samples to provide more consistent and reliable results using these high-quality, robust syringe filters.

Obtain fast, effective removal of phospholipids from biological samples by SLE extraction, with considerable benefits over liquid/liquid extraction (LLE) protocols.

Remove proteins from biological compounds using the protein crash technique using these 96-well plates. The plates provide a high-throughput purification for µL to mL samples.

Choose from a wide range of chemistries in 96-well plate format to filter and clean up your small-scale biological samples.

Purify proteins, DNA, RNA and other biomolecules using these 96-well plates. Choose from a range of purification materials embedded at the bottom of each well.

Get fast SPE on volumes as low as 100nL using these revolutionary microscale tips. Choose from several popular chemistries.

Perform fast, effective clean up and concentration of target compounds online by using these SPE products with an appropriate HPLC column to retain specific analytes in a sample matrix. 

Often used for dispensing volatile solvents, hazardous, corrosive or viscous chemicals, this dispenser is precise, accurate, and operator independent.

Disperse the sample matrix, remove moisture, neutralize mineral acids and bases, or clean up extracts after extraction on the Dionex Accelerated Solvent Extraction system.  

These vacuum manifolds process multiple SPE, SLE or protein precipitation samples simultaneously in cartridge or plate format.

A broad array of quality parts and accessories is available for our Thermo Scientific™ HyperSep™ vacuum manifolds.

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