Which GC system meets your needs?

The Thermo Scientific TRACE 1600 and Thermo Scientific TRACE 1610 Gas Chromatographs are modular to deliver exceptional versatility for GC and GC-MS applications. Our TRACE 1600 Series gas chromatography systems provide simplified maintenance, reduced downtime, and high flexibility. For optimal flexibility, our suite of iConnect injectors and detectors can be readily shared among multiple TRACE GC systems in numerous configurations to adapt your instruments for priority samples and applications without installation costs. When coupled with our robust injector and detector technology, these gas chromatographs are a smart investment for any size laboratory.

TRACE 1600 vs TRACE 1610

  TRACE 1600 GC TRACE 1610 GC
Up to two iConnect injectors and two detectors, plus a mass spectrometer on the main frame

Auxiliary oven for multi-valve and multi-column analyzers

Accommodates additional detectors 

iConnect Column Lock connectors

Helium Saver technology for SSL injector

Essential local control with single start/stop button and maintenance
Full instrument control with Chromeleon CDS 

Full local instrument control interface   
7” HD capacitive touch screen  
Instrument and consumable health tracking with alert notifications for preventive maintenance  
Built-in video maintenance walk-through guides  
Real-time signal monitoring  
Diagnostic functionalities  
Multi-language capabilities  
USB port for touch screen updates and video uploads  
TriPlus 500 Headspace Autosampler controls  
AI/AS 1610 Autosampler controls  

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