Separate polar compounds

Separate polar compounds

Is your sample insoluble in mixtures of water and organic solvent? We offer a range of bonded and non-bonded normal phase columns that are ideal for the retention and separation of lipophilic compounds.

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Normal phase HPLC column categories

Need to separate isomers using normal phase chromatography? These non-bonded silica columns are a powerful and efficient tool for separating non-polar and moderately polar isomeric compounds.

Using aqueous normal phase chromatography? In normal phase applications, amino phase columns offer alternative selectivity to silica. They are particularly useful for the retention and separation of carbohydrates.

Want to run normal phase chromatography with gradient elution? Cyano columns have alternative selectivity and equilibrate more quickly, offering greater suitability for normal phase gradient separations compared to unbonded silica columns.

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