Gain new insights into lithium-Ion batteries, including determining qualitative and quantitative composition of Li-battery electrolytes. Explore our valuable learning materials and solutions to discover how GC and GC-MS instruments can meet your battery material analysis demands.

TRACE 1600 Series Gas Chromatograph

The Thermo Scientific TRACE 1600 Series gas chromatograph systems can be used to improve battery safety by analyzing the composition of gases that produce swelling in lithium-ion batteries.

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ISQ 7610 Single Quadrupole GC‑MS

Get qualitative and quantitative composition analysis of lithium-ion battery electrolyte by using the Thermo Scientific ISQ 7610 single-quadrupole GC-MS system for characterizing battery aging and performance.

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Orbitrap Exploris GC Mass Spectrometer

Use the high-resolution capabilities of the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris GC mass spectrometer for lower detection limits and accurate mass information when identifying additives that may curtail electrolyte aging.

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To learn more about our TRACE 1600 Series GC, ISQ 7610 GC-MS and Orbitrap Exploris GC-MS systems, including available options and configurations or to request a quote, please visit one of the product pages below:

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