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Ensure accurate, reliable density, level, and flow measurement in your environment using our smart technology. Increase safety and lower capital costs with our easy-to-use, non-contacting process density gauges. The Thermo Scientific™ LevelPRO Series of gauges offer accurate continuous level measurements and are well suited for a variety of industrial applications. Our liquid flow products cover the gamut, from measuring flow rates of water to petroleum liquid and natural gas. They are useful in many industries such as water resource management, flood prediction, hydroelectric power generation, and more.

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Popular flow, density, and level measurement products

LevelPRO Series of Gauges

Sarasota™ Gas Density Meters--FD900, ID900 and PD900

KRILPRO Neutron Backscatter Foam Level/Interface Device

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Meet refining and petrochemical process demands while optimizing plant performance with instruments and service solutions that work. Thermo Scientific flow measurement devices and accessories offer a combination of intelligent measurement and precise control for optimal production.

Our density measurement products help to reduce cost and maintenance of your workflow in a variety of industrial applications.  Eliminate process downtime with our density gauges in pulp and paper, or measure density variables within the mineral processing, petrochemical, food, water treatment, dredging and power industries with our range of Thermo Scientific density gauges.

Thermo Scientific gamma level gauges offer easy-to-use and accurate continuous level measurements, while our low-maintenance continuous, point, and tilt point devices are helping to redefine the standards for gamma-based measurement systems.

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Coker Control: Hybrid Solution

Discover how using a neutron backscatter device along with a gamma transmission device optimizes the monitoring of the delayed coker units.

Plunger Lift Technology

Learn about plunger lift software for well optimization.


Our Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) training program is recognized by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and Agreement States as satisfying nuclear instrument user license requirements. 

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