Raw material identification is critical for ensuring the right materials end up in consumers’ hands. Make certain your products comply with regulations, are environmentally-friendly, and meet specs before, during, and after manufacturing. Our accurate and reliable solutions provide the highest sensitivity so you can quickly analyze materials -- at the receiving dock, in the lab or warehouse, or even on store shelves.

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U.S. Product Safety Commission:  “We can do a quick on-the-spot check for lead and get immediate results.” 


Cosmetics and Personal Care Analysis

Delivering quality cosmetic and personal care products quickly and consistently can be tough. The right rheology and mixing tools can help you do it well on a daily basis. Learn how our rheology solutions provide flexible, reliable analysis of cosmetic and personal care products throughout the production process. In addition, our GMP-compliant twin-screw extruders provide reliable technology for R&D and the manufacture of colored cosmetic products.


European cosmetics industry faces new test in GMP Compliance

Designed to meet the stringent requirements of current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), Thermo Scientific handheld analyzers provide manufacturers with a portable solution to achieve quality initiatives throughout the manufacturing process. Our Raman spectroscopy based analyzers enable on-the-spot, actionable PASS/FAIL results within seconds. These analyzers enable manufacturers to obtain fast, accurate material identity verification with considerable ease and convenience.

Download the Rheology Guide for Skilled Cosmetics and Personal Care Analysis application compendium

Understand what to measure in your cosmetic formulation development and quality control, and which tools are best to do it. This collection of application notes and articles covers various aspects of optimizing final product properties and processing via rheological measurements.

Download the compendium

Cosmetics compendium

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