GasWorks Process Analysis Software

Thermo Scientific GasWorks Process MS software provides the unique and powerful interface for the Prima PRO, Prima BT, Sentinel PRO and APIX δQ Mass Spectrometers. The software has been designed to ensure that the process analyzer is simple to configure, operate and maintain without any prior mass spectrometer experience.

The suite includes a wide range of functions and features. Whether the requirement is for a simple alarm indication in the event of a manufacturing process failure, or for complex data presentation for process understanding and control, Gasworks Software is well equipped to offer an effective solution.

  • Supports stand-alone analyzer operation.
  • Sets no limits to the number of sample streams or analytical methods.
  • Includes rigorous mathematical equations to deconvolute complex mixtures.
  • Multi-layered security with expiring passwords and audit trail.
  • Supports the integration of third-party analytical data.

The Prima PRO, Prima BT, Sentinel PRO, APIX dQ and APIX Quattro.

In addition to performing complex gas analysis, the analyzer can be set to provide Analog or Histogram Scans. The histogram scan can be used to investigate the composition of a selected sample stream, and can be included in the analytical schedule.

GasWorks is to be able to perform dynamic language switching without having to shutdown and restart the software. Available languages are English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish.

There is an unlimited number of analysis methods with the ability to carry out different analyses on different streams. As requirements change it is possible to add new analysis configurations.

All data is stored as a CSV file.

GasWorks has its own data review program that can be installed on an office PC and reviewed offline.

The System Wizard fully documents the analyzer hardware. This electronic manual allows the operator to drill down to a component of interest. A brief explanation of selected item is provided with tutorial views and a parts manual.

A number of different user groups are defined by the system administrator. Each group can be provided with a configurable set of access permissions. The administrator is given the option of limiting the number of password retries, assigning an expiration date for passwords, enabling an audit trail and setting automatic log out.

The Modbus Register Mapping Wizard requires the operator to respond to a series of questions regarding the data to be communicated and the address area to be reserved. This becomes an editable table of values.

Information is provided to aid in the running of the Gasworks software in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment. It should be noted that system qualification, validation and implementation of standard operating procedures are essential elements of Part 11 compliance that cannot be achieved through software functionality alone. While many of the requirements in the regulations are addressed by Thermo Fisher Scientific software features, all aspects of the system must be validated by the customer or their designee.

GasWorks How To Video: Analysis and Calibration Configuration

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