Stay confident. We have you covered.

Our analyzers are built to withstand the challenging situations you encounter in the field and provide you with reliable results, use after use. Trust our dedicated team, ready to provide continuous support to ensure you have complete confidence in your instrument measurements and readings.

The safety of people using our analyzers is our priority. While you are identifying potentially harmful substances, our service team is partnering with you to stay ahead of the curve as narcotics evolve, work more efficiently, and stay safe in the field. 


Learn about our key featured services designed to support identifying illicit substances and maintaining accurate instrument results.

Remote and technical support

We're here to help by delivering unparalleled technical support. Our service professionals are committed to diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving your systems' issues remotely for quick response and ensuring your instruments operate correctly before concluding their service efforts.

Reachback support

We have your back, 24/7, 365 days a year– we work together. Our dedicated reachback service supports your team in verifying and reporting on inconclusive results from your handheld chemical identification analyzer. Using our broader Raman library to identify a substance quickly, our scientists provide a timely report with conclusive results so you can confidently make life-saving decisions.

Performance verification

Trust our team to care for your instrument and return it to be aligned and optimized with the manufacturers' specifications. In addition, our service repair team provides comprehensive validation tests and documentation to ensure improved performance and reliability after every instrument repair.

Training programs

All training courses are designed to prepare your team with in-depth product knowledge, operation efficiency, and end-user instruction. In addition, training helps you stay current on the latest instrument maintenance and safety information.

Select from on-demand or in-person instructor-led courses. Our flexible learning environments make it easy to dedicate time to focus on your training needs.

Depot services

As part of our overall instrument repair process, our factory-trained service team will fully repair, test and verify that the instrument conforms to manufacturers’ specifications ensuring optimal performance and reliability. We only use original manufacturers’ certified parts to ensure your instrument is at maximum productivity. All our parts are guaranteed to perform to our instruments’ rigorous design specifications.

Services you value

With a service plan, you're covered in more ways than ever. You are the expert in your industry, and we know how to keep your instrument running at top performance – together, we can build a partnership to achieve your unique goals. Customers who partner with us for their service needs have access to our highest level of support and are investing in the longevity of their instrument. A service plan protects instruments, maximizes uptime, manages yearly service expenditures, and allows you to focus on your core business.


Service plan highlights

  •  Optimize results with priority reachback support
  •  Protection from unexpected costs with repair coverage
  •  Secure the best results with software updates and online materials
  •  Gain new skills and experience with training



Our service plans are designed to keep it simple and save you money over time while providing the benefits you value.  

Contact service

Need help or answers? We are here for you. Contact us today by phone or email or complete the contact us form.

Technical support and remote diagnostics

The technical support team will diagnose and work with you to resolve instrument issues via email or phone.


If an issue cannot be resolved remotely, the technical support team will assist you in setting up depot service. The depot support team will service your instrument using only genuine parts engineered to fit your specific instrument for reliable results and to extend your instrument life. When applicable, the depot team will provide a loaner instrument.

United States
Phone: 800-374-1992 (option 2)

Phone: +1 978-642-1100 (option 2)

Customer service

The customer service support team can answer general questions and spare part inquiries and will route you to the correct service team member.


Customer support is available during regular business hours.


United States

Phone: 800-875-1578 OR 978-670-7460




Phone: +1 49-9131-998-426 OR +49-89-3681-38


Reachback support

Need assistance identifying a substance? Reachback is available for customers with a current service plan.



Support portal*

Need product support? Find software updates, explore support resources, and manage smart connected products and services for portable analytical instruments. Training is also available in the portal.


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Radiation detection monitoring instruments

Need support with radiation detection and measurement instruments? We offer a wide variety of global radiation detection equipment services, training, calibration, and parts supply to optimize the productivity of your assets while managing the costs of unplanned maintenance and repair throughout the lifecycle of your products.