Software and libraries for your Raman spectroscopy sampling needs

With the ever-familiar Thermo Scientific OMNIC and OMNICxi imaging software for Raman, users will be able to start their analysis in no time. User-centric features make it simple to set up and execute workflows—even for complex samples. Address all your spectral reference and regulatory compliance needs using the Thermo Scientific ValPro System Qualification for FTIR and Raman spectrometers. Thermo Scientific libraries, including the Aldrich Raman Condensed Phase Library and the Cayman Chemical Raman Library, help forensic analysts and investigators quickly identify common drugs and related compounds.

Available Thermo Scientific software options for Raman instruments


OMNIC Software Full featured molecular spectroscopy acquisition and analysis software
OMNIC Series Software Supports time-based data collection
OMNIC Array Automation Software Automated data collection and post-collection data analysis from micro-well plates and similar array formats
OMNIC Atlus Particle Analysis Software Image directed particle location and analysis
OMNIC Atlµs Software Provides software-controlled hyperspectral mapping and image analysis
OMNIC Spectra Provides efficient data management, simplifies data process, and provides powerful spectral identification
OMNIC Macros\Pro Software Interface for advanced Visual Basic Programming
OMNICxi 3D Visualization Software 3D image rendering of confocal Raman data
OMNICxi Advanced Particle Analysis Software Automated particle identification and analysis of visual and chemical image
OMNICxi Raman Imaging Software Visually driven chemical imaging and analysis software
ValPro System Qualification Software Full featured system qualification package for verifying instrument performance

Raman spectroscopy databases and analysis software

OMNIC Software

This full featured molecular spectroscopy and analysis software enables you to quickly gather clear visual data as you work. OMNIC Software lets you automatically identify unknowns and multi-component samples. It offers a great selection of post-processing features that help you with advanced analysis and the presentation of data. And with our Thermo Scientific OMNIC Atlus Software solution, you can save time with robust mapping tools for automated analysis.

OMNICxi Software

Created for the Thermo Scientific DXR3xi Raman Imaging Microscope, OMNICxi software provides visually-driven chemical imaging and analysis. An option to render 3D images of confocal Raman data is also available. You can also select a fully automated workflow for advanced particle analysis, with post-data treatment and reporting options. Our OMNICxi Advanced Particle Analysis Software enables you to:

  • Locate, characterize, and identify particles with ease
  • Assess distributions and select particles by category
  • Advanced reporting options that fit your needs


A Raman map of thyroid tissue collected using OMNICxi software

ValPro System Qualification

Confidently address all your regulatory compliance needs using one of the most complete and cost-effective methods—the Thermo Scientific ValPro System Qualification for FTIR and Raman spectrometers.

Raman libraries

Aldrich Raman Forensics Spectral Library

The Thermo Scientific Aldrich Raman Condensed Phase Spectral library is designed to assist forensic scientists and investigators.

Substance abuse identification of cocaine utilizing the Aldrich Raman Condensed Phase Spectral library

Cayman Chemical Raman Library

The Cayman Chemical Raman reference library contains spectra of synthetic psychoactive substances based on pure reference material obtained from Cayman Chemicals.