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We’re ready to help you transform your mRNA production process. Thermo Fisher Scientific will work with you to develop effective production strategies and provide expert professional support to help accelerate commercialization of your mRNA vaccine or therapeutic. Our high-performance products are designed to meet critical process, scale, quality, and regulatory requirements.

Discover our suite of scalable and robust solutions for all stages of your mRNA therapeutic workflow, from development to commercialization.

Plasmid production

Plasmids are the building blocks needed to manufacture mRNA therapeutics. Plasmid production takes place in a microbial fermentation process, and our product solutions are designed to scale up the production from development to commercial phase.

Purpose-built to pioneer the single-use technology market by delivering a unique and rigorous solution for microbial fermentation applications while offering the flexibility, ease of use, and efficiency found in single-use systems.

Chemically-defined, animal origin free, dry powder medium designed to support high cell density cultures of Escherichia coli.

Support upstream process intensification with a range of optimized nutritional benefits for plasmid DNA production with the industry’s first commercially available chemically-defined media for microbial fermentation, enabling lot-to-lot consistency and an optimized workflow.

Plasmid purification and analytics

Achieve fast process development with our product solutions designed to scale production whilst isolating, purifying, and extracting high quality plasmid DNA.

Ideally suited for the purification of larger molecules such as plasmids and will help you overcome the common challenges of plasmid purification.

Streamline process liquid/buffer manufacturing workflows by leveraging ready-to-hydrate dry powder chemicals and ready-to-use process liquids.

Highly sensitive, rapid, and reliable PCR-based quantitation system for the detection of host cell DNA from E. coli.

mRNA production

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of nucleotide, enzymes, and single-use equipment for mRNA production designed for seamless progression from preclinical development to commercial manufacturing.

Discover the advantages of consistently scalable bioreactors from process development to cGMP manufacturing.

Streamline process control and data management from research to production scale applications.

Specifically designed to facilitate the development of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

mRNA purification

Simplify your purification process with our innovative chromatography solutions specifically designed to improve the downstream purification of mRNA molecules.

Designed for efficient, scalable purification of mRNA of in vitro transcription manufacturing processes.

Removal of dsRNA and uncapped RNA from the final product and removal of secondary RNA structures, if needed.

Streamline process liquid/buffer manufacturing workflows by leveraging ready-to-hydrate dry powder chemicals and ready-to-use process liquids.

Analytics, fill, and finish

Detection of impurities and contaminants is critical in the therapeutics manufacturing process. We provide rapid analytical assays with total workflow solutions to align with regulatory requirements. Thermo Fisher Scientific provides drug product fill, finish, and storage solutions, including sterile container systems for therapy delivery.

A fully integrated assay leveraging real-time PCR technology for quantitation of residual host cell DNA with a qualified DNA reference standard.

Access a portfolio of market-leading chemical brands for use in cGMP manufacturing, as well as services specific to sourcing, supplier management, and second sourcing assistance.

Think beyond sterile with Nalgene Platinum Certified Clean Bottles and Carboys, enabling on-time delivery of high-quality product.

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