Production Chemicals and Services

You need a secure supply chain along with efficient processes and capacity to meet demand. Sourcing cGMP chemicals, handling supply chain complexity and mitigating risks is the expertise we bring as your partner. We can help you accelerate development and manufacturing of life-changing medicines.

Products and Applications

Production Chemicals & Sourcing Services

With our global network of suppliers we provide access to a comprehensive portfolio of multicompenidal, cGMP chemicals for use across the bioprocessing workflow.

Process Liquid Preparation Services

We can help you resolve bottlenecks in your process liquid/buffer manufacturing. By outsourcing, we provide you tailored solutions that saves time and resources while reducing your total costs.

Direct Materials Supply Chain Services

We provide solutions to optimize your overall cGMP chemical supply chain and warehousing operations. Advanced services are available to meet your unique needs.

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Enhance your bioprocessing knowledge with educational content to help you understand issues, solve problems, and make solid decisions.

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Thermo Fisher Bioprocessing Portfolio

Upstream bioprocessing

Develop and scale biomanufacturing processes efficiently with trusted technologies and full-service support.

Downstream bioprocessing

Streamline downstream biomanufacturing and improve product quality with innovative technologies and outsourcing services to drive efficiency.

Assurance of supply

We strive to support industry growth by investing in capacity and quality systems for a reliable supply of critical materials.

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