Immunofluorescence Imaging

For critical research, you need reliable protein detection, and we provide a complete suite of labeling tools for any level of target abundance. Our fluorescent products portfolio is the most peer-referenced in life science research.

Check out this simple guide and see which tool is right for your protein.

  • High-abundance target—primary conjugate, no amplification needed
  • Medium- to high-abundance target—secondary conjugate, modest amplification
  • Medium- to low-abundance target—streptavidin conjugate, elevate the signal
  • Low-abundance target—enzyme amplification, complex process for maximum signal enhancement

Immunofluorescence selection guide


High-abundance target

e.g., tubulin

Medium-abundance target

e.g., golgi or mitochondria

Low-abundance target

e.g., receptors or cell junction


Labeled primary







Optimum signal for brightness/sensitivitySignal too strongSignal too weak

Primary antibodies

Primary antibodies Going direct with your choice of label has never been easier.
We offer a wide variety of primary antibodies against key signaling proteins, cellular markers, and organelles, as well as cell junctions and CD markers. Primary antibodies provide direct detection for high-abundance targets, and high target specificity when using amplified detection methods.

Secondary antibodies

Secondary antibodies Secondary antibodies with a choice of dyes provide that extra signal and assay flexibility.
We offer access to some of the most cited secondary antibodies in life science research, including Alexa Fluor™ dye–labeled probes and Qdot® conjugates, as well as classic dyes in a wide range of colors.


Streptavidin Streptavidin conjugates with a choice of labels boost your signal from low-abundance targets.
For improved detection sensitivity, streptavidin-based amplification techniques are widely used in fluorescence imaging to detect primary and secondary antibodies, ligands, and toxins, or DNA probes for in situ hybridization.

TSA technology

TSA™ technology Simple amplification protocols with a choice of wavelengths for rare targets.
With Invitrogen™ SuperBoost™ tyramide signal amplification technology, you can see and measure low-abundance targets that are not detectable by conventional means. Tyramide-based signal amplification provides superior sensitivity without compromising resolution.