Simplified Automated Imaging

Automating microscope imaging improves your throughput and helps you analyze more samples. In different laboratory contexts, automation can address different steps in the analysis workflow. For some experiments, the goal is hands-off scanning for a microwell plate. Labs with higher throughput want to see robotic plate loading. Others want tools that will count neurite branches or intracellular vesicles in an automatic and reproducible way. Thermo Fisher Scientific has the tools for any level of automation.

How much automation is right for you?

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers an automated imaging solution to fit your application—you choose the system that is right for you based on the imaging applications you want to run. Any or all of the following could influence your choice of platform:

  • Phase-contrast imaging
  • Number of excitation channels
  • Onstage incubator with environmental control
  • Robot compatibility for high throughput
  • Automated image analysis and reporting

Use the selection guide below to find a system that fits you.

Simplified automated imaging selection guide

EVOS M7000

Perfect for a variety of advanced automated imaging applications
CellInsight CX5 platform
CellInsight CX5 platform

Compact screening system to scale up your throughput
Widefield fluorescence 4-channel 5-channel
Camera High-sensitivity 3.2 MP (2048 x 1536) CMOS sensor with 3.45 µm pixel resolution Photometrics X1 CCD
LED light cubes  
LED light engine  
Fluorescence channels Simultaneously accommodates 4 interchangeable fluorescence cubes plus bright-field imaging. More than 20 light cubes to choose from.     Blue Ex: 386/23 Em: 440/40
    Green Ex: 485/20 Em: 521/21
    Red Ex: 560/25 Em: 607/34
    Far Red Ex: 650/13 Em: 694/35
    Near IR Ex:740/13 Em: 809/81
Confocal NA NA
Phase contrast  
Objective turret 5-position
Onstage incubator (optional)  
Automated scanning
Robot compatible  
Software EVOS M7000 with optional Celleste Image Analysis Software HCS Studio
Weight 11.8 kg (26 lbs) 45 kg (99.2 lb)
Dimensions       H: 36 cm (13")
      W: 33 cm (14")
      D: 46 cm (18")
      H: 37.2 cm (14.6")
      W: 41.4 cm (16.3")
      D: 59.4 cm (23.4")