GeneArt Products and Services

We are a leading integrated solution provider in the field of DNA engineering and downstream processing. Our proprietary GeneArt technology platforms range from the manufacture of RNA- and codon-optimized synthetic genes to combinatorial biology and CRISPR genome editing. Explore this collection of our most innovative products that enable breakthrough results.

Popular GeneArt products

Key categories

Gene Synthesis

Complex genes, higher-order DNA assembly, and free optimization for protein expression.

CRISPR Genome Editing

Rapid and efficient gene editing with multiplexing capabilities.

GeneArt Strings Fragments and Libraries

Custom synthetic gene fragments (up to 3 kb) and libraries (up to 2 kb) with full IUPAC options, ready for cloning.

Designer TALEN Genome Editing

Precise and flexible gene editing; targeting to any gene in any cell with all-around freedom.