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2014 Citations

Exome sequencing identifies highly recurrent MED12 somatic mutations in breast fibroadenoma
Lim WK, Ong CK, Tan J, Thike AA, Ng CC, Rajasegaran V, Myint SS, Nagarajan S, Nasir ND, McPherson JR, Cutcutache I, Poore G, Tay ST, Ooi WS, Tan VK, Hartman M, Ong KW, Tan BK, Rozen SG, Tan PH, Tan P, Teh BT. (2014) Nat Genet, 46(8):877-80.
Products referenced: ArcturusXT™ System, CapSure™ HS LCM caps, ABI PRISM 3730 Genetic Analyzer, BigDye Terminator v.3.1 kit, DNA and Platinum Taq Polymerase

Synaptic gene dysregulation within hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons in mild cognitive impairment
Counts SE, Alldred MJ, Che S, Ginsberg SD, Mufson EJ. (2014) Neuropharmacology, 79:172-9.
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Dicer expression is essential for adult midbrain dopaminergic neuron maintenance and survival.
Pang X, Hogan EM, Casserly A, Gao G, Gardner PD, Tapper AR. (2014) Mol Cell Neurosci, 58:22-8.
Products referenced: CapSure® HS LCM Caps

2013 Citations

In vivo epithelial wound repair requires mobilization of endogenous intracellular and extracellular calcium.
Aihara E, Hentz CL, Korman AM, Perry NP, Prasad V, Shull GE, Montrose MH. (2013) J Biol Chem 288(47):33585-97.
Products referenced: ArcturusXT™ System, CapSure® HS LCM caps, PicoPure® RNA Isolation Kit

Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-1) Ec/Mechano Growth Factor – a splice variant of IGF-1 within the growth plate. 
Schlegel W, Raimann A, Halbauer D, Scharmer D, Sagmeister S, Wessner B, Helmreich M, Haeusler G, Egerbacher M. (2013) PLoS One, 8(10):e76133.
Products referenced: ArcturusXT™ System, CapSure® HS LCM Caps

Intratumoral genetic heterogeneity in metastatic melanoma is accompanied by variation in malignant behaviors. 
Anaka M, Hudson C, Lo PH, Do H, Caballero OL, Davis ID, Dobrovic A, Cebon J, Behren A. (2013) BMC Med Genomics, 6:40.
Products referenced: PicoPure® DNA Extraction Kit

BMP-2 induces versican and hyaluronan that contribute to post-EMT AV cushion cell migration.
Inai K, Burnside JL, Hoffman S, Toole BP, Sugi Y. (2013) PLoS One, 8(10):e77593.
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TWIST1 is a molecular marker for a poor prognosis in oral cancer and represents a potential therapeutic target.
da Silva SD, Alaoui-Jamali MA, Soares FA, Carraro DM, Brentani HP, Hier M, Rogatto SR, Kowalski LP. (2013) Cancer, 120(3):352-62.
Products referenced: ArcturusXT™ System, PicoPure® RNA Isolation Kit

MicroRNA profiling in prostate cancer - the diagnostic potential of urinary miR-205 and miR-214. 
Srivastava A, Goldberger H, Dimtchev A, Ramalinga M, Chijioke J, Marian C, Oermann EK, Uhm S, Kim JS, Chen LN, Li X, Berry DL, Kallakury BV, Chauhan SC, Collins SP, Suy S, Kumar D. (2013) PLoS One, 8(10):e76994.
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Conserved molecular signatures of neurogenesis in the hippocampal subgranular zone of rodents and primates.
Miller JA, Nathanson J, Franjic D, Shim S, Dalley RA, Shapouri S, Smith KA, Sunkin SM, Bernard A, Bennett JL, Lee CK, Hawrylycz MJ, Jones AR, Amaral DG, Šestan N, Gage FH, Lein ES. (2013) Development, 140(22):4633-44.
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Latrunculin A treatment prevents abnormal chromosome segregation for successful development of cloned embryos.
Terashita Y, Yamagata K, Tokoro M, Itoi F, Wakayama S, Li C, Sato E, Tanemura K, Wakayama T. (2013) PLoS One, 8(10):e78380.
Products referenced: ArcturusXT™, PicoPure® RNA Isolation Kit, StepOnePlus™ Real-Time RT–PCR System, Fast SYBR® Green Master Mix

MicroRNA-4723 inhibits prostate cancer growth through inactivation of the Abelson family of nonreceptor protein tyrosine kinases.
Arora S, Saini S, Fukuhara S, Majid S, Shahryari V, Yamamura S, Chiyomaru T, Deng G, Tanaka Y, Dahiya R. (2013) PLoS One, 8(11):e78023.
Products referenced: ArcturusXT™ System, CapSure® HS LCM Caps, TaqMan® microRNA and Gene Expression Assays, Applied Biosystems® 7500 Fast Real Time PCR System

Autophagy proteins control goblet cell function by potentiating reactive oxygen species production.
Patel KK, Miyoshi H, Beatty WL, Head RD, Malvin NP, Cadwell K, Guan JL, Saitoh T, Akira S, Seglen PO, Dinauer MC, Virgin HW, Stappenbeck TS. (2013) EMBO J, 32(24):3130-44.
Products referenced: PicoPure® RNA Isolation Kit

2011 Citations

Changes in Gene Expression during Pituitary Morphogenesis and Organogenesis in the Chick Embryo.
Proszkowiec-Weglarz M, Higgins SE, Porter TE. 2011 Endocrinology 152(3), 989-1000.
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2010 Citations

Protein disulphide isomerase protects against protein aggregation and is S-nitrosylated in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Walker AK, Farg MA, Bye CR, McLean CA, Horne MK, Atkin JD. 2010 Brain 133(Pt 1), 105-116.
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Retinal cell responses to elevated intraocular pressure: a gene array comparison between the whole retina and retinal ganglion cell layer.
Guo Y, Cepurna WO, Dyck JA, Doser TA, Johnson EC, Morrison JC. 2010 Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 51(6), 3003-3018.
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Distinct Sonic Hedgehog signaling dynamics specify floor plate and ventral neuronal progenitors in the vertebrate neural tube.
Ribes V, Balaskas N, Sasai N, Cruz C, Dessaud E, Cayuso J, Tozer S, Yang LL, Novitch B, Marti E, Briscoe J. 2010 Genes Dev 24(11), 1186-1200.

2009 Citations

Hedgehog signaling is restricted to the stromal compartment during pancreatic carcinogenesis.
Tian H, Callahan CA, DuPree KJ, Darbonne WC, Ahn CP, Scales SJ, de Sauvage FJ. 2009 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106(11), 4254-4259.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System, High Capacity cDNA Reverse Transcription Kit , TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays, TaqMan® Pre-Amp Master Mix

Ultraviolet A within sunlight induces mutations in the epidermal basal layer of engineered human skin.
Huang XX, Bernerd F, Halliday GM. 2009 Am J Pathol 174(4), 1534-1543.
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Defective chromatin structure in somatic cell cloned mouse embryos.
Zhang M, Wang F, Kou Z, Zhang Y, Gao S. 2009 J Biol Chem 284(37), 24981-24987.
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CXCL14 is an autocrine growth factor for fibroblasts and acts as a multi-modal stimulator of prostate tumor growth.
Augsten M, Hagglof C, Olsson E, Stolz C, Tsagozis P, Levchenko T, Frederick MJ, Borg A, Micke P, Egevad L, Ostman A. 2009 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106(9), 3414-3419.
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2008 Citations

Hedgehog signaling regulates sensory cell formation and auditory function in mice and humans.
Driver EC, Pryor SP, Hill P, Turner J, Ruther U, Biesecker LG, Griffith AJ, Kelley MW. 2008 J Neurosci 28(29), 7350-7358.
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APC activation restores functional CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T cells in NOD mice that can prevent diabetes development.
Manirarora JN, Kosiewicz MM, Parnell SA, Alard P. 2008 Plos One 3(11), e3739-.
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Activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)delta promotes reversal of multiple metabolic abnormalities, reduces oxidative stress, and increases fatty acid oxidation in moderately obese men.
Riserus U, Sprecher D, Johnson T, Olson E, Hirschberg S, Liu A, Fang Z, Hegde P, Richards D, Sarov-Blat L, Strum JC, Basu S, Cheeseman J, Fielding BA, Humphreys SM, Danoff T, Moore NR, Murgatroyd P, O'Rahilly S, Sutton P, Willson T, Hassall D, Frayn KN, Karpe F. 2008 Diabetes 57(2), 332-339.
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Increased mitochondrial DNA damage and down-regulation of DNA repair enzymes in aged rodent retinal pigment epithelium and choroid.
Wang AL, Lukas TJ, Yuan M, Neufeld AH. 2008 Mol Vis 14, 644-651.
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Gene expression profiling of human oocytes following in vivo or in vitro maturation.
Jones GM, Cram DS, Song B, Magli MC, Gianaroli L, Lacham-Kaplan O, Findlay JK, Jenkin G, Trounson AO. 2008 Hum Reprod 23(5), 1138-1144.
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Alternative promoter use in eye development: the complex role and regulation of the transcription factor MITF.
Bharti K, Liu W, Csermely T, Bertuzzi S, Arnheiter H. 2008 Development 135(6), 1169-1178.
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Field-caught permethrin-resistant Anopheles gambiae overexpress CYP6P3, a P450 that metabolises pyrethroids.
Muller P, Warr E, Stevenson BJ, Pignatelli PM, Morgan JC, Steven A, Yawson AE, Mitchell SN, Ranson H, Hemingway J, Paine MJ, Donnelly MJ. 2008 Plos Genet 4(11), e1000286-.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System

Transcriptional profiling of laser capture microdissected rat arterial elements: fenoldopam-induced vascular toxicity as a model system.
Dalmas DA, Scicchitano MS, Chen Y, Kane J, Mirabile R, Schwartz LW, Thomas HC, Boyce RW. 2008 Toxicol Pathol 36(3), 496-519.
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Epigenetic changes within the promoter region of the HLA-G gene in ovarian tumors.
Menendez L, Walker LD, Matyunina LV, Totten KA, Benigno BB, McDonald JF. 2008 Mol Cancer 7, 43-.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System, TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays

Role of Cdx2 and cell polarity in cell allocation and specification of trophectoderm and inner cell mass in the mouse embryo.
Jedrusik A, Parfitt DE, Guo G, Skamagki M, Grabarek JB, Johnson MH, Robson P, Zernicka-Goetz M. 2008 Genes Dev 22(19), 2692-2706.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System, TaqMan® Pre-Amp Master Mix

Genomic analysis of post-mating changes in the honey bee queen (Apis mellifera).
Kocher SD, Richard FJ, Tarpy DR, Grozinger CM. 2008 Bmc Genomics 9, 232-.
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2007 Citations

Identification of a new intrinsically timed developmental checkpoint that reprograms key hematopoietic stem cell properties.
Bowie MB, Kent DG, Dykstra B, McKnight KD, McCaffrey L, Hoodless PA, Eaves CJ. 2007 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 104(14), 5878-5882.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System  

Dynamic changes in the expression of DEP-1 and other PDGF receptor-antagonizing PTPs during onset and termination of neointima formation.
Kappert K, Paulsson J, Sparwel J, Leppanen O, Hellberg C, Ostman A, Micke P. 2007 Faseb J 21(2), 523-534.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System

Distinctive expression of chemokines and transforming growth factor-beta signaling in human arterial endothelium during atherosclerosis.
Volger OL, Fledderus JO, Kisters N, Fontijn RD, Moerland PD, Kuiper J, van Berkel TJ, Bijnens AP, Daemen MJ, Pannekoek H, Horrevoets AJ. 2007 Am J Pathol 171(1), 326-337.
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Feedback regulation of p38 activity via ATF2 is essential for survival of embryonic liver cells.
Breitwieser W, Lyons S, Flenniken AM, Ashton G, Bruder G, Willington M, Lacaud G, Kouskoff V, Jones N. 2007 Genes Dev 21(16), 2069-2082.
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Gene replacement reveals a specific role for E-cadherin in the formation of a functional trophectoderm.
Kan NG, Stemmler MP, Junghans D, Kanzler B, de Vries WN, Dominis M, Kemler R. 2007 Development 134(1), 31-41.
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Selective deletion of Bdnf in the ventromedial and dorsomedial hypothalamus of adult mice results in hyperphagic behavior and obesity.
Unger TJ, Calderon GA, Bradley LC, Sena-Esteves M, Rios M. 2007 J Neurosci 27(52), 14265-14274.
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Functional genomic studies of uropathogenic Escherichia coli and host urothelial cells when intracellular bacterial communities are assembled.
Reigstad CS, Hultgren SJ, Gordon JI. 2007 J Biol Chem 282(29), 21259-21267.
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Relative reduction of endothelial nitric-oxide synthase expression and transcription in atherosclerosis-prone regions of the mouse aorta and in an in vitro model of disturbed flow.
Won D, Zhu SN, Chen M, Teichert AM, Fish JE, Matouk CC, Bonert M, Ojha M, Marsden PA, Cybulsky MI. 2007 Am J Pathol 171(5), 1691-1704.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System

KCl cotransporter-3 down-regulates E-cadherin/beta-catenin complex to promote epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
Hsu YM, Chen YF, Chou CY, Tang MJ, Chen JH, Wilkins RJ, Ellory JC, Shen MR. 2007 Cancer Res 67(22), 11064-11073.
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The megakaryocyte lineage originates from hemangioblast precursors and is an integral component both of primitive and of definitive hematopoiesis.
Tober J, Koniski A, McGrath KE, Vemishetti R, Emerson R, de Mesy-Bentley KK, Waugh R, Palis J. 2007 Blood 109(4), 1433-1441.
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2006 & Earlier Citations

DARPP-32 involvement in the photic pathway of the circadian system.
Yan L, Bobula JM, Svenningsson P, Greengard P, Silver R. 2006 J Neurosci 26(37), 9434-9438.
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Human saliva proteome and transcriptome.
Hu S, Li Y, Wang J, Xie Y, Tjon K, Wolinsky L, Loo RR, Loo JA, Wong DT. 2006 J Dent Res 85(12), 1129-1133.
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Low dietary folate initiates intestinal tumors in mice, with altered expression of G2-M checkpoint regulators polo-like kinase 1 and cell division cycle 25c.
Knock E, Deng L, Wu Q, Leclerc D, Wang XL, Rozen R. 2006 Cancer Res 66(21), 10349-10356.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System

AID expression identifies interfollicular large B cells as putative precursors of mature B-cell malignancies.
Moldenhauer G, Popov SW, Wotschke B, Bruderlein S, Riedl P, Fissolo N, Schirmbeck R, Ritz O, Moller P, Leithauser F. 2006 Blood 107(6), 2470-2473.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System

The effect of neurogenin3 deficiency on pancreatic gene expression in embryonic mice.
Petri A, Ahnfelt-Ronne J, Frederiksen KS, Edwards DG, Madsen D, Serup P, Fleckner J, Heller RS. 2006 J Mol Endocrinol 37(2), 301-316.
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Radiation-induced changes in gene expression involve recruitment of existing messenger RNAs to and away from polysomes.
Lu X, de la Pena L, Barker C, Camphausen K, Tofilon PJ. 2006 Cancer Res 66(2), 1052-1061.
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Loss of transforming growth factor-beta type II receptor promotes metastatic head-and-neck squamous cell carcinoma.
Lu SL, Herrington H, Reh D, Weber S, Bornstein S, Wang D, Li AG, Tang CF, Siddiqui Y, Nord J, Andersen P, Corless CL, Wang XJ. 2006 Genes Dev 20(10), 1331-1342.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System

Gene expression in rat lacrimal gland duct cells collected using laser capture microdissection: evidence for K+ secretion by duct cells.
Ubels JL, Hoffman HM, Srikanth S, Resau JH, Webb CP. 2006 Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 47(5), 1876-1885.
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Addressing fluorogenic real-time qPCR inhibition using the novel custom Excel file system 'FocusField2-6GallupqPCRSet-upTool-001' to attain consistently high fidelity qPCR reactions.
Gallup JM, Ackermann MR. 2006 Biol Proced Online 8, 87-152.
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V-ATPase interacts with ARNO and Arf6 in early endosomes and regulates the protein degradative pathway.
Hurtado-Lorenzo A, Skinner M, El Annan J, Futai M, Sun-Wada GH, Bourgoin S, Casanova J, Wildeman A, Bechoua S, Ausiello DA, Brown D, Marshansky V. 2006 Nat Cell Biol 8(2), 124-136.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System, Silencer® Select siRNAs, 1 Silencer® Select siRNA:  s400

V-ATPase interacts with ARNO and Arf6 in early endosomes and regulates the protein degradative pathway.
Hurtado-Lorenzo A, Skinner M, El Annan J, Futai M, Sun-Wada GH, Bourgoin S, Casanova J, Wildeman A, Bechoua S, Ausiello DA, Brown D, Marshansky V. 2006 Nat Cell Biol 8(2), 124-136.
Products referenced: Silencer® Select siRNAs, Arcturus, 1 Silencer® Select siRNA:  s400

Multiple gene expression analyses in paraffin-embedded tissues by TaqMan low-density array: Application to hedgehog and Wnt pathway analysis in ovarian endometrioid adenocarcinoma.
Steg A, Wang W, Blanquicett C, Grunda JM, Eltoum IA, Wang K, Buchsbaum DJ, Vickers SM, Russo S, Diasio RB, Frost AR, LoBuglio AF, Grizzle WE, Johnson MR. 2006 J Mol Diagn 8(1), 76-83.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System, High Capacity cDNA Reverse Transcription Kit, TaqMan® Arrays

Deficiency in NOD antigen-presenting cell function may be responsible for suboptimal CD4+CD25+ T-cell-mediated regulation and type 1 diabetes development in NOD mice.
Alard P, Manirarora JN, Parnell SA, Hudkins JL, Clark SL, Kosiewicz MM. 2006 Diabetes 55(7), 2098-2105.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System

Options available for profiling small samples: a review of sample amplification technology when combined with microarray profiling.
Nygaard V, Hovig E. 2006 Nucleic Acids Res 34(3), 996-1014.
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Approaches to DNA/RNA Extraction and whole genome amplification.
Santella RM. 2006 Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 15(9), 1585-1587.
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New quick method for isolating RNA from laser captured cells stained by immunofluorescent immunohistochemistry; RNA suitable for direct use in fluorogenic TaqMan one-step real-time RT-PCR.
Gallup JM, Kawashima K, Lucero G, Ackermann MR. 2005 Biol Proced Online 7, 70-92.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System

Reproducibility, fidelity, and discriminant validity of mRNA amplification for microarray analysis from primary hematopoietic cells.
Li L, Roden J, Shapiro BE, Wold BJ, Bhatia S, Forman SJ, Bhatia R. 2005 J Mol Diagn 7(1), 48-56.
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Orthotopic growth of human glioma cells quantitatively and qualitatively influences radiation-induced changes in gene expression.
Camphausen K, Purow B, Sproull M, Scott T, Ozawa T, Deen DF, Tofilon PJ. 2005 Cancer Res 65(22), 10389-10393.
Products referenced: Arcturus® System   

Influence of in vivo growth on human glioma cell line gene expression: convergent profiles under orthotopic conditions.
Camphausen K, Purow B, Sproull M, Scott T, Ozawa T, Deen DF, Tofilon PJ. 2005 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102(23), 8287-8292.
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Conversion of CD4+ CD25- cells into CD4+ CD25+ regulatory T cells in vivo requires B7 costimulation, but not the thymus.
Liang S, Alard P, Zhao Y, Parnell S, Clark SL, Kosiewicz MM. 2005 J Exp Med 201(1), 127-137.
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Mullerian inhibiting substance acts as a motor neuron survival factor in vitro.
Wang PY, Koishi K, McGeachie AB, Kimber M, Maclaughlin DT, Donahoe PK, McLennan IS. 2005 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 102(45), 16421-16425.
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Maternal embryonic leucine zipper kinase/murine protein serine-threonine kinase 38 is a promising therapeutic target for multiple cancers.
Gray D, Jubb AM, Hogue D, Dowd P, Kljavin N, Yi S, Bai W, Frantz G, Zhang Z, Koeppen H, de Sauvage FJ, Davis DP. 2005 Cancer Res 65(21), 9751-9761.
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Amelotin--a Novel Secreted, Ameloblast-specific Protein.
Iwasaki K, Bajenova E, Somogyi-Ganss E, Miller M, Nguyen V, Nourkeyhani H, Gao Y, Wendel M, Ganss B. 2005 J Dent Res 84(12), 1127-1132.
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Effectiveness of gene expression profiling for response prediction of rectal adenocarcinomas to preoperative chemoradiotherapy.
Ghadimi BM, Grade M, Difilippantonio MJ, Varma S, Simon R, Montagna C, Fuzesi L, Langer C, Becker H, Liersch T, Ried T. 2005 J Clin Oncol 23(9), 1826-1838.
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Heme is a carbon monoxide receptor for large-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channels.
Jaggar JH, Li A, Parfenova H, Liu J, Umstot ES, Dopico AM, Leffler CW. 2005 Circ Res 97(8), 805-812.
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The unique transcriptome through day 3 of human preimplantation development.
Dobson AT, Raja R, Abeyta MJ, Taylor T, Shen S, Haqq C, Pera RA. 2004 Hum Mol Genet 13(14), 1461-1470.
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Transcriptional signature of flavopiridol-induced tumor cell death.
Lu X, Burgan WE, Cerra MA, Chuang EY, Tsai MH, Tofilon PJ, Camphausen K. 2004 Mol Cancer Ther 3(7), 861-872.
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Utility of linearly amplified RNA for RT-PCR detection of chromosomal translocations: validation using the t(2;5)(p23;q35) NPM-ALK chromosomal translocation.
Schumacher JA, Jenson SD, Elenitoba-Johnson KS, Lim MS. 2004 J Mol Diagn 6(1), 16-21.
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Endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor in human internal mammary artery is 11,12-epoxyeicosatrienoic acid and causes relaxation by activating smooth muscle BK(Ca) channels.
Archer SL, Gragasin FS, Wu X, Wang S, McMurtry S, Kim DH, Platonov M, Koshal A, Hashimoto K, Campbell WB, Falck JR, Michelakis ED. 2003 Circulation 107(5), 769-776.
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Laser capture microdissection of cells from plant tissues.
Kerk NM, Ceserani T, Tausta SL, Sussex IM, Nelson TM. 2003 Plant Physiol 132(1), 27-35.
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Human intestinal epithelial cells are broadly unresponsive to Toll-like receptor 2-dependent bacterial ligands: implications for host-microbial interactions in the gut.
Melmed G, Thomas LS, Lee N, Tesfay SY, Lukasek K, Michelsen KS, Zhou Y, Hu B, Arditi M, Abreu MT. 2003 J Immunol 170(3), 1406-1415.
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