Enhance the functionality and versatility of your incubator

Thermo Scientific CO2 incubators offer many options so that your new instrument is ideally suited to your needs. When you purchase incubator accessories from us, you can be assured that they are engineered to the same high-quality standards as our equipment and designed to work seamlessly with your model.

OPC UA gateway

An accessory for Heracell VIOS 160i/250i and Forma Steri-Cycle i160/i250 CO2 Incubators enables Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture (OPC UA) integration. OPC UA is a platform-independent, open industry standard for connectivity that enables machine-to-machine communication and information integration between various devices, software systems, and applications. With the available gateway accessory, Heracell VIOS/ Forma Steri-Cycle models can be connected to Distributed Control Systems and exchange real-time and historical data.



Reasons to connect:

  • 21 CFR Part 11–compliance and GMP needs
  • Support audit requirements with enhanced data traceability
  • Real-time run monitoring for sample protection, workflow efficiencies, asset and cost optimization, and regulatory compliance.


The accessory can be easily attached with magnetic stripes to the back of the incubator. The gateway accessory kit comes complete with a gateway device, USB 2.0 cable USB-A to USB-B connector, and 100-240V power supply. One kit is needed per CO2 incubator connection.


Shelving and trays

Specialized shelving systems for large vessel types

Thermo Scientific CultiMaxx Shelving Systems provide reinforced shelving for additional capacity and/ or improved access for specialized large-capacity cell culture vessels.

Designed for our largest CO₂ incubator models, the stainless-steel reinforced shelves can be ordered as accessory and can be self-installed easily by customers. 

Choose the CultiMaxx System that fits with your preferred vessel

CultiMaxx shelving system for 1L cell culture bags
CultiMaxx shelving system for Nunc Cell Factory systems, 10 or 13 layers CultiMaxx shelving system for Nunc Cell Factory systems, 4 layers CultiMaxx shelving system for G-Rex® bioreactors
Gain up to 2.5x more culture bag capacity per incubator with CultiMaxx Shelving systems. The unique design also allows increased exposure to promote better gas exchange with its rack-style design for a variety of bag brands. Shelves pull out and extend for improved accessibility to individual bags.

The CultiMaxx stainless-steel reinforced shelves for Nunc Cell Factory systems with either 10 or 13 layers holds up to 6x vessels in VIOS/Vios CR and Forma Steri-Cycle models or up to 9 vessels in the Forma Steri-Cult CO₂ incubator.





With a staggered design, the CultiMaxx shelving system for Nunc Cell Factory systems with 4 layers provides easy access to up to 10 vessels in VIOS/ Vios CR and Steri-Cycle (CR) models and up to 15 units in Forma Steri-Cult CO2₂ Incubators (322L model).




The CultiMaxx shelving system accommodates up to 10x G-Rex® 500M-CS bioreactors in one incubator for 150% more capacity per incubator compared to the standard shelving. Available for 250i/ i250 models of Heracell VIOS/ Vios CR and Forma Steri-Cycle (CR) CO₂ Incubators.


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G-Rex is a registered trademark of Wilson Wolf Corporation.

More shelves and accessories are available for different incubator models

Replacement Shelving

Replacement shelving, water pans and trays are available for your incubator to allow for maximized space utilization. Choose from stainless steel or copper and optional reinforced construction.


Easy Glide

The Easy Glide shelving system provides smooth operation and shelf stability.


HEPA filters

In-chamber HEPA air filtration systems continuously filter the entire chamber volume every 60 seconds for ISO Class 5 cleanroom conditions in the incubator. These filters should be changed every year for optimal performance.  Replacement filters can be ordered online. 


Support stands


Support stands add mobility to your CO2 incubators for better culturing conditions and increased ease of maintenance, ergonomics and lab cleaning.  Heavy duty, powder coated steel bases, with dual wheel, swivel locking castors and leveling feet and various heights are available for your model. 


Stacking adaptors

Maximize the space in your lab by stacking CO2 incubators.  Easy-to-install adaptors provide stability to stacked incubators and protect cabinets from damage. 


Cell roller system

Produce monolayer cell cultures in varied roller culture bottles with a Cell Roller System designed for your CO2 incubator.  Cell Roller Systems can be expanded with 5-tier add-ons, reinforced floor ramps, rotation alarms and battery backups. 


Cell Locker chamber

Individual Thermo Scientific Cell Locker Chambers serve to quarantine cell types or different projects, offering enhanced protection for valuable cultures. Each Cell Locker chamber has dual 0.2 µm membrane filters that permit air circulation but exclude microbial contaminants and holds 9 each T-75 cell culture flasks, 20 each 6-well plates, or 24 each 96-well plates.


Aqua-Tec water preservation cell

The Thermo Scientific Aqua-Tec Water Preservation Cell* is a consumable for use in the water reservoir of CO2 Incubators and water baths to help prevent from microbial contamination. It’s safe to handle, requires no special protocol for disposal, and enables virtually maintenance-free microbial protection.


*Only available in the following countries: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Iceland