Microplate Reader Instrument Models

Range of options that provide flexibility, performance, and ease of use for a variety of microplate assays.

Which Microplate Reader model is right for you?

Thermo Scientific microplate readers provide flexibility, performance, and ease of use for a variety of microplate assays. Available modes include fluorescence, absorbance, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence and AlphaScreen. Choosing the microplate reader that is right for you depends on your application, sample size, and overall laboratory needs. Browse the categories and specifications below, then link to your models of choice for more information.

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Multiskan FC

Multiskan SkyHigh

Fluoroskan FL, Fluoroskan & Luminoskan

Varioskan LUX


Easy-to-use microplate photometer designed with over 40 years of experience with the well-known Multiskan product brand. This instrument provides proven performance and reliable results in an ELISA assays or in a variety of other research and routine applications through innovative detection design and built-in self-diagnostics.

The UV/VIS microplate spectrophotometer ideal for a variety of endpoint, kinetic and spectral assays. Equipped with large touchscreen for stand-alone use with ready-made assay protocols for the most common DNA, RNA, and protein assays.  Offers access to Thermo Fisher Connect and Microsoft OneDrive cloud-based tools for secure and remote data management.

Microplate fluorometer or luminometer that offer simplicity and reliability for increased efficiency in research workflows. Ideal for life science research applications such as protein and enzyme studies, molecular interactions, nucleic acid quantification as well as reporter gene, kinase, immuno- and cell-based assays using fluorometric or luminometric detection.

A top-of-the-art multimode microplate reader offering up to five measurement technologies, including absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence and Alpha. Besides excellent performance in all applications, it offers huge selection of automatic features to help you save time and reduce common errors in the lab.




Fluoroskan- Fluorescence

Fluoroskan FL- Fluorescence,


Luminoskan - Luminescence

Absorbance, fluorescence

Optional: time-resolved fluorescence (TRF),

luminescence, AlphaScreen

Absorbance, filter




Absorbance, monochromator



Fluorescence, monochromator




Fluorescence, filter




Flourescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)



Time-resolved fluorescence (TRF)



For Fluoroskan FL only

Flash and glow luminescence (including BRET)



Luminescence spectral scan











Cuvette port



Gas control






Fluorescence top reading



Fluorescence bottom reading



µDrop plate compatibility

96, 384

6-48*,96, 384



Multipoint measurement



User interface

Color LCD or PC

Touch screen or PC



Robot compatibility





21 CFR Part 11

*Maximum plate height with lid is 19.5 mm

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.