Rheometers and viscometers

Bring the flexibility of Thermo Scientific HAAKE rheological solutions to your lab and see how quickly you can respond to the changing testing requirements of today’s new materials. HAAKE rheometers and viscometers are designed to accurately measure the flow and deformation properties of fluids, semi-solids, and even solid materials—giving you the fast, repeatable data needed for today’s quality control, product development, and research applications.

HAAKE Laboratory Rheometers and Viscometers

HAAKE rheometers and viscometers are designed for easy and intuitive handling, intelligently guiding operators through all steps for failure-free measurement. Users can take advantage of enhanced useability and workflows enabled by “Connect Assist” technology as well as intuitive touch screen displays for easy visualization of measurement results directly from the instrument.

HAAKE Viscotester iQ touchscreen

Rheometer and viscometer testing accuracy

Thermo Scientific rheometers and viscometers are designed for rapid, repeatable results, regardless of user. Moreover, our leading-edge software enables operators to create standardized, repeatable measurement procedures (SOPs) including the integration of video and photo guidance quickly and easily - giving them the fast answers they need.

HAAKE RheoWin Software photo guidance

Rheometer and viscometer instrument design

HAAKE rheometers and viscometers are designed to meet the high precision, performance, and stability required to meet daily measurement challenges. Our instruments are made from high-performance materials to dampen vibrations and minimize temperature expansion and high-chemical resistance.

Rotors with ‘’Connect Assist’’ with quick fit coupling and automatic recognition

Rheometer and viscometer accessories and capabilities

Thanks to their modular design, HAAKE rheometers and viscometers can be easily and quickly adapted to a broad number of applications as well as new testing requirements as demands evolve. Users can add accessories including temperature modules, application-focused measuring cells, and measuring geometries that extend testing capabilities as their requirements change.

HAAKE MARS iQ Rheometer with accessories

HAAKE RheoWin Software

Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin Measuring and Evaluation Software enables users to easily navigate the operation of their MARS iQ, MARS, and Viscotester iQ rheometers, reducing costly measurement and data analysis errors. This user-friendly software can be set up with default settings for beginners, while providing full access to all relevant measuring parameters for advanced rheologists. It also enables users to easily create standardized, repeatable measurement procedures for a wide range of applications.

HAAKE RheoWin Job Manager screen

RheoWin Software Application Modules

For different applications we offer special optional software modules such as 21 CFR part 11 compliance software, interfacial or polymer specific rheology, and many others.

The optional HAAKE RheoWin 21 CFR Part 11 software module helps users in both research and quality control to comply with stringent US Food and Drug Administration requirements. It provides a user management system, file integrity, audit trail, and electronic signatures to ensure that the integrity of electronic records is always maintained.

HAAKE On-Line Process Control Rheometer

HAAKE Process Control Rheometer (PCR) for continuous real-time measurement of viscosity and melt flow index (MFI) with fast feedback loop is used for process control for online quality control of polymers in production or polymer recycling lines. The design is suited for extrusion lines and melt pipelines in non-hazardous and hazardous production environments (explosion proof versions are available). The options of return to stream avoids loss of melt and waste. The software supports the operator, through simple menu navigation, as well as features like the Melt Index Information Center, which clearly displays all process-relevant information.

HAAKE on-line process control rheometer