High-quality Thermo Scientific™ labware is an excellent replacement for glass in most life science labs. Our products for general lab use include stir bars, rods, cylinders, burets, flasks, funnels, beakers, and hundreds of additional products.

Popular general plasticware products
Nalgene™ Teflon™ FEP Erlenmeyer Flasks with Closure
Nalgene™ Polypropylene Griffin Low-Form Beakers
Nalgene™ Graduated Cylinder Variety Pack
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Available in many different plastics and variety of sizes and styles, our shatter-proof, break-, and chip-resistant lab beakers help make your lab a safer place without sacrificing accuracy.

Designed for accuracy in pouring and measurement, our beakers are available in a wide range of materials for chemical compatibility, clarity, and durability.

Break-resistant self-zeroing burets and buret filler kits provide repeatable and accurate results.

Combine the accuracy and visual clarity of standard glass flasks with the break resistance of plastic. Our Erlenmeyer, filtering, and volumetric flasks and closures provide excellent chemical resistance.

Lightweight and durable, the Thermo Scientific Nalgene funnel portfolio includes plastic filling, filtering, pear-shaped separatory, and thistle tube funnels.

Autoclavable stirring rods are compatible with a wide range of reagents. Magnetic stir bar enables constant stirring at low speeds.

For easy pouring and complete sample transfer, Thermo Scientific weighing boats feature radiused corners. 

Promote lab safety by using the high-impact polyethylene constructed Nunc Mortar Kit, an excellent alternative to glass.

Choose from our broad assortment of flow cells, cuvets for electroporation, glass square or rectangle cuvets and cells, and round or tube cells.

Easy-to-operate benchtop vacuum equipment and accessories enable low-throughput transfer.

Break the glass habit

Break the glass habit

Break the habit of using glass labware and take advantage of the benefits of plastic. Plastic containers are shatterproof, lighter weight than glass, and less likely to break, which requires an expensive replacement. Make your lab a safer place and stretch your budget. Break the glass habit, switch to plastic.