Nalgene burets will stand up to the daily bumps and occasional drops typically occurring in labs. Eliminate the risks and costs associated with sharp edges and shattering glass by using Nalgene shatter-proof acrylic burets. They are crystal clear and easy to use. Simplify volume readings—liquid in plastic burets doesn't form a meniscus, and level liquid avoids confusion and errors. Nalgene burets meet the accuracy requirements of ASTM E287, Class B. 

Nalgene burets are compatible with dilute acids (5% wt/wt) except hydrofluoric acid, and bases (up to 30%) except ammonium hydroxide, accommodating a wide range of titrants.  

Warning: Not suitable for use with alcohols and organic solvents; exposure to these solutions will cause immediate damage. 

Glass vs. plastic

A. Glass buret    B. Plastic buret

Plastic versus glass

Nalgene plastic burets don't form a meniscus like glass burets do. You can read the liquid level straight across the graduation line. Avoid confusion and errors by using plastic instead of glass.

Which burets are best for your application?

Nalgene Acrylic Buret Nalgene Self-Filling Self Zeroing Acrylic Buret 
and filling Kit
Traditional pipet design Side port for automatic filling and zeroing.
Comes with filling kit
Simple design, requires manual filling Autofilling and zeroing increase efficiency for repetitive titrations
Clear acrylic body Clear acrylic body
PMP tip PMP tip
TFE fluoropolymer stopcock assembly TFE fluoropolymer stopcock assembly
No tubing PVC tubing
No bottle LDPE Bottle
Meets ASTM E287, Class B Meets ASTM E287, Class B
Sizes: 25mL, 50mL, 100mL Sizes: 10mL, 25mL, 50mL
Do not autoclave Do not autoclave
BPA-free BPA-free
Phthalate-free PVC tubing contains phthalates

Nalgene Self-Zeroing Filler Kit

The Nalgene Self-Zeroing Buret Filler Kit converts any conventional glass or plastic 25ml or 50ml buret into an automatic-filling, self-zeroing buret to save time and convenience.


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