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Discover the remarkable applications of digital PCR (dPCR) across various fields, witnessing firsthand how the addition of this cutting-edge technology to their genetic analysis toolbox helps researchers drive advancements and help unlock new possibilities in research applications. Whether you are a seasoned dPCR researcher or new to the world of dPCR, discover how the power of dPCR can help to accelerate scientific progress and support a brighter future.


Using dPCR to quantify plasma genotyping

Yanan Kuang, PhD Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Topics include: non-small cell lung cancer research, multiplexing in digital pcr, assay design and development

CAR-T cell monitoring using dPCR technologies

Raquel Muñoz García, PhD Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla  Hospital Virgen del Rocio, Spain

Topics include: multiplex dPCR, longitudinal translational research

Multiple approaches to dPCR in molecular pathology

Sebastian Dintner, PhD Head of Molecular Pathology Institute for Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics Universitätsklinikum, Augsburg

Topics include: complementary ESR1 analysis by dPCR and NGS