Comprehensive sequencing solutions

From gold-standard Sanger sequencing to simple and scalable Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing (NGS), we have a platform to meet your needs. Achieve fast, accurate, and affordable results with optimized applications, high-quality consumables, and simplified analysis solutions.

Choose Sanger sequencing to:

  • Study diseases with clearly defined phenotypes
  • Sequence 1 to 2 genes or up to 96 targets
  • Sequence 1–96 samples at a time without barcoding
  • Confirm NGS variants with up to 99.99% accuracy
  • Get longer read lengths (up to 1,000 bp)

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Choose NGS to:

  • Study diseases with higher levels of phenotypic heterogeneity
  • Sequence more than 2 genes or more than 96 targets
  • Sequence more than 96 samples for multiple targets
  • Discover novel variants

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Which platform is right for you?

Featured sequencing products

New Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer for Sanger sequencing

New Ion AmpliSeq On-Demand NGS panels

Ion S5 Systems for NGS

Sequencing technology & applications

Sequence from your benchtop with revolutionary "on-chip" technology.

Our portfolio supports a wide range of throughput and research application needs for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis.

A detailed understanding of the RNA (coding and non-coding) in a given cell or cell sample is invaluable for understanding differential expression in normal and disease processes.

Gold-standard technology—the ultimate sequencing verification tool.

Heritable genetic modifications that are not attributable to changes in the primary DNA sequence.



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