cDNA Library Construction Services

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Constructing high-quality cDNA libraries can be challenging and may require time and expertise your lab does not have. It’s all too common to invest energy and to use up precious samples, only to find that the resulting cDNA library is unsatisfactory for downstream applications. Invitrogen has over 15 years of experience generating cDNA libraries from a broad range of sample sources, from cow to coral. With our diverse experience, you can rest assured that your custom library will be of the highest quality possible.

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Keys to the Highest Quality

We use the most advanced technologies, products, and techniques to avoid known difficulties with the creation of high-quality libraries. Key aspects of our service include SuperScript™ III Reverse Transcriptase, micro- and nanoquantity cDNA libraries, subtraction and normalization steps, improved library amplification, and directional cloning of cDNA inserts.

Our library team will work with you to determine the best construction option depending on your sample size, downstream application, and budget.