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Advanced Real-Time PCR Technology
For gene expression, microRNA expression, pathogen detection, genotyping, or translocation analysis, try our easy-to-use StepOne Real-Time PCR. 

Five FAQs on RLM-RACE and Five Ways to Improve Your RLM-RACE Reactions 

Five Ways to Improve Your RLM-RACE Reactions  Using 18S rRNA as an Internal Control for Relative RT-PCR

Reverse Transcription for RT-PCR
A flexible kit perfect for any reverse transcription procedure.

Streamline the Path from RNA to Real-Time PCR Results
Applied Biosystems newest suite of product offerings minimizes hands-on time and reduces error with one-step, single-tube protocols for reverse transcription and PCR.

The Basics RT- PCR
RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) is the most sensitive technique for mRNA detection and quantitation currently available.

Top Ten Most Common Real-Time qRT-PCR Pitfalls
Description:  Avoid these Pitfalls.

Top Ten Pitfalls in Quantitative Real-time PCR Primer Probe Design and Use

Tips and Tricks for Ambion® Cells to Ct

RNA Isolation for qRT-PCR


Cells-to-cDNA II Using FACS Sorted Cells - TechNotes 9(3)
Description: Cells-to-cDNA II Lysis Buffer was used to analyze gene expression of hGUS in FACS sorted Jurkat cells using real-time RT-PCR.

Go From Cells to cDNA Directly: Using FACS Samples - TechNotes 9(3)
Description: Univ. W. Virginia lab uses cell lysates from FACS processed cells directly for RT-PCR.

Minimize False Positives from PCR   -  TechNotes 11(2)
Degrade DNA on contaminated surfaces with DNAZap™.

Quantitating Gene Expression Directly from Cell Lysates Using TaqMan® Real-Time PCR Analysis - TechNotes 14(1)
Description: This article compares expression data for 24 genes in seven cell lines using either DNase-treated cell lysates, generated with our Cells-to-cDNA II Cell Lysis Buffer, or purified RNA isolated using a kit from Supplier Q.

Quick Real-time Analysis of Small Cell Samples - TechNotes 9(2)
Description: Use one step and two step RT-PCR to make cDNA directly from fixed and LCM cell samples.

Real time PCR Goes Prime Time   -  TechNotes 8(1)
Description: Real-time PCR assays used for quantitative RT-PCR combine the best attributes of both relative and competitive (end-point) RT-PCR in that they are accurate, precise, capable of high throughput, and relatively easy to perform.

Real-Time Relative RT-PCR  -  TechNotes 8(5)
The information desired from most expression studies is not the absolute molar amount of an mRNA in an experimental sample, but how the relative level of gene expression varies between samples.

Ready for Real-time in 5 Minutes  -  TechNotes 11(4)
Quantitate gene expression without isolating RNA using Ambion's new Cells-to-Signal™ Kit featuring a 5 minute cell lysis procedure.

RNA Isolation for RT-PCR   -  TechNotes 8(1)
One key variable to the success of any RT-PCR experiment is RNA isolation

Sensitive and Efficient PCR   -  TechNotes 15(2)
Fast SYBR® Green Master Mix is designed to deliver highly sensitive and reproducible PCR results on Fast-capable real-time PCR instruments in less than half the time of standard real-time PCR.

The Best Online Resource for siRNAs and Real-Time PCR Assays Just Got Better- TechNotes 15(3)