Genetic Analysis For All webinar series

Learn how genetic analysis techniques, including sequencing, NGS, and quantitative and digital PCR, are being used by researchers to advance knowledge and innovations in challenging disease and research questions. Genetic solutions are being applied within the fields of human identity testing, oncology research, infectious disease research, pharmacogenomics, and inherited disease research to name a few. The webinars listed below will introduce you to technologies and applications that are advancing scientific research.

Cancer research webinars

Date Webinar  
On demand Strategies to Normalize Expression in Serum and Plasma Learn more ›
On demand Preclinical T cell immunotherapy strategies for overcoming immunosuppression in solid tumors Learn more ›
On demand Performance assessment of RNA sequencing and expression arrays for transcriptome analysis in cancer research Learn more ›
On demand The essential role of miRNA and mRNA in cancer development and progression Learn more ›
On demand Transcriptomics to decipher the pathobiology of drug resistance and enable targeted therapeutics Learn more ›
On demand Arrays or RNA-Seq? Choosing the right tool for the job Learn more ›
On demand LncRNAs and breast cancer heterogeneity Learn more ›
On demand The human transcriptome measured in feces elucidates pathobiology & diagnosis of environmental enteric dysfunction Learn more ›
On demand Quantification of nevus and melanoma associated microRNAs from microdissected FFPE tissue samples Learn more ›
On demand Defining early neoplasia in the human colon Learn more ›
On demand Study of tumor heterogeneity on cfDNA from lung cancer samples using the QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System Learn more ›


Human identification webinars

Date Webinar  
On demand Policy and legislative considerations for NGS in the forensic laboratory  View webinar
On demand Interpreting Y-STR data for challenging casework and presenting the data in court  View webinar
On demand Adapting NGS for forensics is not a paradigm shift  View webinar
On demand An introduction to mitochondrial DNA sequencing by NGS technology  View webinar
On demand Accelerate your forensic DNA analyses with Ion Torrent  NGS automation  View webinar


Microbiology webinars

Date Webinar  
Coming soon    


Plant sciences webinars

Date Webinar  
Coming soon    


Infectious disease webinars

Date Webinar  
On demand Infectious diseases accelerate allostatic load and biological aging Learn more ›


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