Manage Orders

Go to the Account dashboard to access all order-related information. This includes Recent Orders, Saved Carts, Shared Lists, Invoices, Dispatch Notes, and Recurring Orders. If you are an approver, the Account Dashboard also includes orders that need your approval.

Hint:  Custom orders are available in Manage Orders and will display any previous custom configurations. Also access custom configuration tools for easy custom product generation and ordering. 

Orders placed offline with a Customer Care Representative are also listed within your Recent Orders.  Be sure to provide our Customer Care Representative your account’s email address when placing your offline order.

Recent Orders

Recent orders summarize the transactions and order status of orders you placed in the last year. You can search and filter orders to find specific orders and order details. Order information can also be exported for record-keeping.  Order status is updated throughout the day to provide up-to-date information. To learn when your order is expected to arrive use the Track Shipment option.  


Retrieve and Share invoices and dispatch notes


Go to the Recent Orders page in your Account to retrieve and share invoices or dispatch notes (packing slips). You can download invoices directly from the Recent Orders page or request that they are sent to you via email.  Dispatch notes are sent via email. You can request Dispatch Notes for up to 3 email addresses from the Recent Orders page.


Note:   Invoices and dispatch notes are available for retrieval after your order has shipped. 


Step by Step

Step 1

Sign into your Account

Step 2

Select Recent Orders

Step 3

Select the Cart at the upper right of any page to view your cart and begin the checkout process.

Step 4

Select Request Invoices, enter the email address(es) you would like the invoice sent to, or you download the invoice.




Select Dispatch Notes. Enter the email address(es) for the chosen recipients. Your dispatch note will be sent within a few minutes. 




Order Issues & Returns

Go to your Account and select Recent Orders to report an issue or return an item.  Then, locate the order and select the order number for the product(s) relevant to your inquiry. Select Report an Issue or Return Options then complete and submit the information requested. Your submission will be reviewed by a customer care representative who will get back to you about next steps. 


Step by Step

Step 1

Sign into your Account

Step 2

Select Recent Orders

Step 3

Search by Purchase Order (PO), order number, ship-to account, or within a date range to find an order.

Step 4

Identify the order containing the item with the issue and select the order.

Step 5

Select Report an issue or Return options

Step 6

Complete the form in detail and submit. 

Access from the Account Dashboard

You can re-order, track your order, or request copies of invoices and dispatch notes directly from the summary page. The order details page has additional information and order-related options.

Hint: Use the check order status option in the Account menu to quickly check the status of individual orders using an order number and shipping ZIP or postal code. Check Order Status does not require sign-in.

Saved Carts

The Saved Carts feature makes it easy to reorder products.  After you add item(s) to your cart, the cart is automatically saved using a unique identifier. You can also choose a rename the cart with a name that is memorable. You can purchase items in a saved cart using the checkout process. You can also email a saved cart to a colleague for review or purchasing.  You’ll find saved carts and carts transferred to you from colleagues in your Saved Carts list.


Web quotes, labeled with a “W” for easy identification, are also saved in this area.  


Shared Lists

You can save products for viewing, collaborating and purchasing later using Shared Lists. Simply create a list from within the Account Dashboard or, add to an existing list from product pages or from your shopping cart.   

You can allow others to view, add items and place orders on your shared list by email invitation.   Your invitee will then be able to access your list from their own online Account for collaboration purposes.


Note: The email address you use to invite your colleague must be the email address they use with their online Account.

To further support collaboration you can add notes and comments to any item on your shared lists. Shared Lists can be also be exported for use offline.


Recurring Orders

Recurring orders let you specify products you want to reorder at set intervals. You can schedule, view and edit a recurring order online. Once submitted, a Customer Care Representative will set up your recurring order and follow up with you to confirm and coordinate order details. 


Go to the Recurring Order page to set up the products, schedule, payment, and promotion information for your recurring order and create a Recurring Order Cart.  Once placed, a recurring order can be edited or canceled online within 48 hours of the shipping day. 


Custom Products

From Custom Products you can review, edit and reorder previous custom orders and projects.  You can also access your custom design tools in this area.