How to check the status of an order and track shipments

Use the online order lookup tool to quickly track your order status from shipment through delivery and get dispatch notes. The lookup tool is located 

in the header of every page on and can be accessed directly at


Enter the sales order number and the shipping postal code associated with the order.  

  • Quickly review shipping status and the availability of each product on your order. 
  • Sign-in to check the order status of all orders placed in the past year within your Account Dashboard. 
  • Order tracking and dispatch notes will be populated when the order is shipped.


Step by step

Single Order Lookup Tool – Check Order Status without logging in

Step 1

Click on the Order Status link in the header.


Tip: Bookmark or go directly to

Step 2

Enter the sales order number and shipping postal code/zip code. Select the View order details button to view your order details.

Step 3

View the most up-to-date availability information and shipping status for each product on your order.

Step 4

Retrieve dispatch notes and include up to 3 additional email addresses

Account Dashboard – Login to see all orders

Step 1

Click on the Sign in link on the header.

Step 2

Enter your username and select the Next button to enter your password. Enter your password and select the Sign in button.

Step 3

View the most up-to-date availability information and shipping status for each product on your order. Locate your order in the  Recent Orders section of your account dashboard, use the search feature in the dashboard, or click on the  Order History link to view your order history from the past twelve months.

Step 4 - Select Track Order to view shipment tracking information

Track shipments allows you to track all active shipments associated with an order. The contents of each shipment will display the number of items and products in each shipment.

Step 5 - Review shipment details

Select Sign up for delivery notifications to include up to three additional recipients.