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N-2 Supplement (100X) liquid

For the growth and expression of post-mitotic neurons and tumor cells of neuronal phenotype.

N-2 supplement is a chemically defined, 100X concentrate of Bottenstein's N-2 formulation (1). This supplement is recommended for the growth and expression of neuroblastomas and for the survival and expression of post-mitotic neurons in primary cultures from both the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and the central nervous system (CNS). It can be used as a substitute for the N-1 Bottenstein formulation. N-2 medium appears to be selective for neuronal cell lines and does not support the growth of nonneuronal cell lines. (in Current Methods in Cellular Neurobiology: Volume 4, edited by Jeffery Barker, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,1983.)

Components Molecular Weight Concentration (mg/L) mM
Human Transferrin (Holo) 10000.0 10000.0 1.0
Insulin Recombinant Full Chain 5807.7 500.0 0.0860926
Other Components
Progesterone 314.47 0.63 0.0020033708
Putrescine 161.0 1611.0 10.006211
Selenite 173.0 0.52 0.0030057803


1. Bottenstein, J.E. (1985) Cell Culture in the Neurosciences, Bottenstein, J.E. and Harvey, A.L., editors, p. 3, Plenum Press: New York and London.

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