Get faster access to deeper data with the insight and efficient services of one of our partners. Our approach ensures that our providers and partners can optimize their services to make the best use of our technology and deliver better data to you. Here, you can find the right fit for your collaborative needs.

GeneChip-compatible Software Providers

We provide a series of resources to assist independent software developers in interfacing with the GeneChip™ system and with GeneChip data.


Service Providers

Being on the forefront of technology is important to us. We are dedicated to helping you advance your research, and any company that we partner with must demonstrate this same superior level of commitment.

Powered by Affymetrix Partners

Powered by Affymetrix™ enables commercial entities to license GeneChip technology to develop microarray products for applications in diagnostics, forensics, animal testing, industrial testing, and more.

Developers' Network

The Affymetrix Developers' Network is one of the largest collections of life-science related forums for software developers. The network includes a broad collection of Thermo Fisher Scientific customers, users, and partners who build informatics tools in-and-around our platform.