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Lab Consumables

Thermo Scientific lab consumables

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Mol Bio

Thermo Scientific molecular biology products

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Nalgene Bottles

Identify the most suitable Nalgene containers for your application

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Thermo Scientific Lab Products

Explore our lab equipment and lab consumables collections


Thermo Scientific Sterilin

Detailed information on the full range of microbiology plastics

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Antibodies

Find performance data, images, and publications for Pierce antibodies

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Gibco Cell Culture Companion

Record cell culture data in the lab as it happens, export to your computer

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3D Cell

360 degree rotation of a stained cell, learn about subcellular structures


3D Cell and Cell Stain Tool

Apply various fluorescent stains to a cell to reveal structures, rotate in 3D


Cell Staining Tool

Browser-based tool that helps you pick compatible dyes for cell staining

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Cell Imaging

Find fluorescent dyes and protocols for cell staining and imaging


Digital PCR in 3D

Augmented reality learning module showcasing digital PCR

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Real-Time PCR

Applications guide with product recommendations for real-time PCR

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SmartAir PM2.5

View real-time PM2.5 particulate measurements from pDR-1500 monitor



Configure and manage multiple RadHalo radiation detection devices

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VersaCool Mobile Communication

Remotely monitor and control multiple VersaCool refrigerated baths

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Smart Tracker Wireless Monitoring

Monitor your Smart-Tracker device, upload the data to the Cloud from anywhere

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Thermo Scientific Centri Vue

Connect with one or more Sorvall LYNX centrifuges

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Thermo Scientific -86C Freezers

Remotely control and monitor ultra-low temperature freezers


CloningBench – calculators and tools to guide your experiments

Calculators and tools to guide your lab experiments

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Gene News

Get gene news with customizable search inquires, save articles for later

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artis - scientific resources and education together in one place

Get a powerful set of leading-edge scientific content

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Periodic Table of Ion Analysis

Handy reference of optimal methods for common ion detection and separation

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Thermo Scientific HPLC Troubleshooting Guide

Extensive tool to diagnose various potential issues with HPLC analysis

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Process Water Products

Find the right products for your process water applications

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Pathology Selector

Find the best pathology consumables, stains, and reagents

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Identify XRF instruments that are suitable for oil and gas industry applications


Flow Cytometry Reagent Guide & Protocols

Find fluorescent reagents, kits, and protocols for cell biology

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Pipette Tips

Find the correct pipette tips, search by pipette brand or by tip specification

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Cell Imaging Reagent Guide & Protocols

Find fluorescent dyes, reagents and protocols for cell imaging applications

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Column Genie

Select LC column characteristics and find the best column for your application

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Auto Tips

Quickly find the best pipette tip for your automated liquid handling instrument

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Plate Guide

Select key criteria to locate the best Nunc microplate for your needs

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Anatomy of a Slide

Determine the proper microscope slides needed for your application


Thermo Scientific NanoDrop

Import, view, and compare NanoDrop data from multiple samples


Virtuoso Vial Identification

See a demo of the vial ID system and estimate your cost savings



Model a chromatography unit to understand time, buffer consumption and more

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DailyCalcs - Science Calculator from Invitrogen

Eight different science calculators to simplify everyday tasks in the lab



Draw and search chemical structures to identify the right chemical

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Fluorescence SpectraViewer

Plot and compare fluorophore spectra, email the results

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TaqMan Game

Match TaqMan primer and probe sets to their DNA targets against the clock

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Life Science Rewards

Scan your sales orders, earn points, redeem for gifts for yourself or your lab

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GC Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting for gas chromatography methods and applications

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SH Selector

Product selector for chromatography vials, closures, and well plates

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Cell Factory Resource Tool

Designed to support the selection and use of Nunc Cell Factory systems


Instrument Connect

Stay connected to your end-point and real-time PCR instruments

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Temperature Control Selector

An essential tool to help guide the selection of the ideal product for your cooling and heating applications


Centrifuge ware selector tool

Selection of the right centrifuge vessel is easier than ever


Dionex Integrion HPIC

Control your instrument, access current status, and display real-time plots of signal data

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