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Your positive comments outweigh the negative. We appreciate that you love our products, people, and services.

Your critical feedback is also important. Thank you for letting us know how we can help you and your research.

Below are a few examples of the many projects we have undertaken based on your input.

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Why does it seem like my primer order has vanished?

Earlier this year, some of our US customers described “vanishing primer orders” when they used the website. We made some systems adjustments which resulted in a significant reduction in complaints once we modified the order processing settings and expanded ordering instructions.

We understand that ordering primers can be tedious, so we continue to ensure that our systems are robust and look for ways to improve the ordering experience.

Entering promotion codes is confusing.

Before improvements to the Invitrogen.com website, there were two different boxes for entering promotion codes making it difficult to know which one to use. Today there is one simple field for entering the promotion code as you checkout in the shopping cart. We also have a new promotions page, making it easier for you to utilize all of our web promotions.

Check out www.thermofisher.com/promotions and let us know how we can continue to improve our promotions processes.

Your phone tree is complicated.

We heard that there were too many choices and not enough direction around making phone selections. In North America, you can now call one number, 800-955-6288, for all Thermo Fisher LSG products and services.

We have revised all phone menus to direct your call to your area of interest as quickly as possible. We’ve reduced menu levels and revised the voice prompts to reduce listening time. Similar updates have also been made to Life Technologies phone trees throughout the world.

To find out how to reach us for Order or Product Support, please visit www.lifetechnologies.com/contactus.