Drug Discovery & Development

Our drug discovery and development team provides support, expertise, collaboration and customization to meet your unique needs. With our Invitrogen and Gibco portfolios of primary cells, stem cells, proteins, target-based assays, and outsourced services we help you drive efficiency in assay development, high-throughput screening, and metabolic and safety assessment.

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Profiling and screening services with rapid turnaround times!

Featured Drug Discovery & Development Categories

Expand your resources with our outsourced services for screening and profilingcustom assay developmentcell engineering, and ADME/Tox testing.

Accelerate your drug discovery research with a complete portfolio of reagents, assays, and services to investigate kinasespathways,GPCRsion channels, nuclear receptors and epigenetics biology.

From cell culture to differentiation,engineering, and analysis, we have the products to support you at every step of your stem cell research including your cell therapy applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers you the broadest set of biochemical fluorescent assays to address high-throughput screening, hit confirmation and lead optimization programs and are available as kits, custom or bulk reagents.

Human primary cell cultures closely mimic the in vivo state and generate more physiologically relevant data from tissues of interest including skinmuscleneural, and more.

A flexible platform solution for biologics discovery and development, with end-to-end sample management and data collection.