Baths and Circulators and Scientists

Your success circulates at every degree

From lab bench to large manufacturing processes, Thermo Scientific temperature control products provide scalable solutions for the precise temperatures you need. Optimize your cooling and heating applications with outstanding performance and innovative technology. 

Water bath, circulator, and chiller categories

Our microprocessor-controlled water baths provide superior temperature uniformity. A seamless-stainless steel interior chamber and epoxy-coated exterior make them resistant to corrosion and chemical damage.  

Our bath circulators offer advanced, configurable temperature-control solutions and larger work areas that accommodate multiple beakers, test tube racks or incubation vessels.

Our immersion circulators provide excellent temperature stability for applications that require greater pumping performance, ramp programming, application alarms, and a wide array of temperature ranges.

A reliable and flexible alternative to tap water cooling, our immersion coolers provide the easiest way to cool small samples, offering wide temperature ranges and integrated controls for accessory cooling, or to replace consumables such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Our versatile chillers combine flexible configurations with easy-to-use interfaces, providing high-quality results and ensuring years of dependable service for critical applications that require large-process cooling.

With multiple levels, features, and performance that measure VOCs for leather, vinyl, plastics, and textiles for automotive, marine, transportation, or aerospace, Thermo Scientific™ Horizon Fog Testing System is designed to determine the values as defined in the DIN, ISO and SAE standards.

Featured bath circulators video

Using a standard bath circulator as a calibration device

Watch this video to learn how to use bath circulators and water baths as calibration instruments.