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Molecular Assessment of Rejection in Pediatric Heart Transplantation: A Complement to Histopathology
Watch this webinar to hear Drs. Magnetta and Arva discuss MMDx Heart, a tool that combines histopathology with molecular techniques to provide a more accurate diagnosis for organ transplant rejection.
PubSummary | The Molecular Microscope Diagnostic System (MMDx) Interpretation of Solid Organ Allograft Biopsies: Restoring the Perspective
MMDx Kidney helps refine the histopathologist’s findings that is not possible through light microscopy and support ABMR diagnosis where C4d or DSA results are either unavailable or negative.
The Value of MMDx in Diagnostic Uncertainty for Patients with Heart Transplantation: A Case-Based Presentation
In this presentation, Dr. Guha explores heart transplant patient cases in which clinical presentation and pathological diagnosis on biopsy are discrepant and gene expression profiling was used.
How Emerging Technologies Are Filling The Gaps And Positively Impacting Post-Transplant Care
Join Drs. Rajeev Sharma and Jamil Azzi to learn how new molecular solutions can provide clinical utility and enhance the patient experience. Valen Keefer provides a unique perspective to consider.
Novel Technology Has Made It Possible To Diagnose A New Clinical Phenotype Of Rejection Called Early Antibody Mediated Rejection, With Significant Therapeutic Implications For Renal Allograft Survival
Discover how MMDx Kidney can diagnose antibody-mediated rejection (AMBR) when histopathology is discordant with the clinical scenario. While there is still no FDA-approved treatment for ABMR. It is suggested that identifying early ABMR could lead to intervention and the prevention of graft loss due to chronic active ABMR.
US payer budget impact of a microarray assay with machine learning to evaluate kidney transplant rejection in for-cause biopsies
Dr. Chris Lawrence explores how a US payer budget model demonstrates that MMDx® Kidney is a cost-effective intervention despite the cost of the assay and the higher treatment costs associated with identifying more rejection.
MMDx Kidney Patient FAQ
Using Molecular Diagnostics for Kidney Transplants: Getting There! | Gaurav Gupta
Explore how molecular diagnostics can be used in clinical practice, including how the test can complement traditional histology as well as how the results can be incorporated into patient management.
MMDx Heart & Kidney Brochure
MMDx Heart Brochure
MMDx Kidney Brochure
MMDx Kidney, Heart & Lung Brochure
MMDx Heart Patient FAQs
Case Study | A Challenging Diagnosis in Kidney Transplantation: MMDx Kidney
In a case where a highly sensitized patient received abnormal biopsy results after transplantation, gene expression profiling provided the treating clinician with confirmatory results for diagnosis.
PubSummary | Long Term Survival after Kidney Transplantation
Long-term kidney transplant graft and patient survival have improved with time due to a superior understanding of pre-transplant immunological risk.
Clinical Applications for MMDx®: Gene Expression Profiling in Transplant Biopsies | Georg Böhmig
Molecular assessment was applied to diagnose allograft dysfunction and to determine if rejection was due to ABMR, TCMR, or a combination of both.
Cross-organ comparisons: Temporal Gene Expression Changes In Kidney, Heart, Liver, and Lung Transplant Biopsies
ATC2020 Presentation by PF Halloran, J Reeve, and the INTERLIVER, INTERLUNG, INTERCOMEX, INTERHEART Study Groups
PubSummary | A 2020 Banff Antibody Mediated Injury Working Group examination of international practices for diagnosing antibody mediated rejection in kidney transplantation
Biopsy data is accompanied by DSA data in +/- 30% of cases, suggesting urgent action to improve the accessibility of DSA information is needed.
PubSummary | Analysis of RNA Transcripts by the Molecular Microscope Diagnostic System Can Direct Management after Indication Kidney Transplant Biopsy
These two cases describe how MMDx was used to aid the management of two patients with Banff diagnoses of “borderline” and “Banff 1a TCMR.”
PubSummary | Discrepancy analysis comparing molecular and histology diagnoses in kidney transplant biopsies
This study demonstrates the reproducibility of MMDx and the lack of significant disagreement between MMDx sign outs.
Innovations in Rejection Surveillance after Heart Transplantation | Jon Kobashigawa
For post-transplant management in heart patients, the endomyocardial biopsy is considered the gold standard to detect acute rejection.
PubSummary | Gene Expression Profiling for the Identification and Classification of Antibody-Mediated Heart Rejection
The study describes the molecular landscape of antibody mediated rejection.
PubSummary | Revisiting the changes in the Banff Classification for antibody‐mediated rejection after kidney transplantation
In the search for potential treatments and personalized prognostication, a clear definition of antibody mediated rejection (ABMR) is an indispensable prerequisite.
MMDx Kidney Report Sample
What information will the MMDx-Kidney Assessment Report provide? This sample will show you how to interpret the report.
Discovering novel injury features in kidney transplant biopsies associated with TCMR and donor aging
We previously characterized the molecular changes in acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) in kidney transplant biopsies, but parenchymal changes selective for specific types ...
Introduction to the Molecular Microscope Diagnostic System (MMDx)
What is MMDx and how does it work? Dr. Christopher Lawrence gives a brief overview of the biopsy service.
Specimen Collection Procedure for the Molecular Microscope Diagnostics System (MMDx)
Thinking of ordering an MMDx specimen collection kit? See what's in the kit and how to collect the specimen and ship it to the lab for assessment.
Molecular phenotypes of liver transplant injury: the INTERLIVER study
ATC2020 Presentation by KS Madill-Thomsen, PF Halloran, and the INTERLIVER Study Group
The Molecular Microscope Diagnostic System: Precision and Accuracy in Transplant Diagnostics | Philip Halloran
Dr. Phil Halloran discusses the unmet need for precision and accuracy in pathological biopsy assessment and reviews the applications of the actionable data generated in MMDx reports.