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ABO Blood Subgrouping and Implications in Transplantation

Presenter: William Lane, MD, PhD | Medical Director of the Tissue Typing Lab at Brigham & Women's Hospital and Assistant Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School

Are you aware of the implications of ABO subgroups in transplantation?

Dr. William Lane helps you understand ABO genotyping, how it enables ABO minor incompatible (ABOi) transplants and the technologies and resources that are available to help labs perform ABOi transplants.

Topics discussed:

  • ABO subgroups and their implications in transplantation
  • How ABOi transplants can help patients
  • Problem samples and helpful information attained from genotyping
  • Review of ABO genotyping technologies
  • OPTN's support for ABOi transplants and revised Kidney Allocation System (KAS)