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Adapting Laboratory Diagnostics to a Changing Landscape

ASHI 2021 Symposium

Recorded at: Our ASHI 2021 Symposium: Adapting Laboratory Diagnostics to a Changing Landscape


How Can HLA genotyping and antibody detection be combined for broader applications, including virtual crossmatching, to support changes to the kidney allocation system?

As technologies evolve for these techonologies, so too is the modern transplant laboratory adopting new assays, protocols, and software to manage growing demand and improve patient care. Dr. Ahmed Mostafa discusses advancements in several areas that may generate better data in more efficient ways, including improved workflow and performance in NGS assays, extended coverage in tests for donor specific antibodies, and increased software integration for easier data management. 

Featured Speakers & Presentations:

Time  Chapter Description
0:00 Peter Diep | Introduction of Moderator
0:23 Dr. John Lunz | Introduction of topic and speakers
02:00 Dr. Ahmed Mostafa | AllType FASTplex NGS v2: Our HLA Laboratory Experience
22:34 Dr. Kelley Hitchman | Filling in the gaps: A Single-Center Experience with ExPlex
45:36 Dr. Cathi Murphey Half | UNOS Kidney Allocation: The Evolving Landscape